how to resharpen grind carbide wood lathe cutter knives
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    How to resharpen carbide wood lathe cutters?

    Carbide wood lathe knives

    How to resharpen carbide wood lathe cutters?
    1, Please use diamond resin wheel for carbide wood lathe knife resharpment
    2, The bigger mesh number, the smaller diamond sand, so the more sharp blade grinded, but the longer time needed. Customers can choose the suitable wheel for use. We suggest choose mesh number 320#, 400#, can grind fast, also grind sharp.
    3, Have to flush water on the diamond wheel to release the heat when grinding; (if your grinder not have water flush, you can use a plastic bottle with a pipe to flush the water).
    4, When resharpen, please from bottom to the up edge.
    5, Grind the both blade side first, at last grind the blade tip.
    6, when grind the tip, had better turn off the water flush, so you can see well.
    7, Before grind the tip, should use a corundum or oilstone to trim the diamond wheel, should not use diamond pen to trim the diamond wheel disc.

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