Manual of Electric CNC Spindle
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    Manual of Electric CNC Spindle

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    Manual of Electric Spindle

    1. Introduction

    Sincerely thank you for your love and support of our company’s products. 
    GDZ series of high-speed electric spindle, developed by our company according to the market demand, is featured in high precision, high stiffness, high efficiency, large output power and low noise. This domestic advanced CNC engraving tool has been widely recognized by customers both at home and abroad.
    This manual mainly illustrates the spindle operation norms, critical points for operation and maintenance & repair. Please carefully read this manual and follow the instructions before operation, in order to fully play the spindle’s performance and smooth your production.

    2. Norms of spindle operation
    Spindle is precise part with high speed and high stiffness, and it should be operated in strict accordance with norms, otherwise, it will increase faults and shorten the service life of equipment. The norms are explained below in detail: 
    (1) Before the start, firstly check to ensure that the spindle cooling system works properly, and then start the electric spindle. Never start the spindle without cooling system; therefore, check to ensure normal work status of fan and water pump. If the spindle needs cooling by water, firstly check to ensure the cooling water contains no impurities and the water pipes are smooth.
    (2) When the spindle is used, its speed should be increased gradually from low to higher increasingly for preheating; the spindle reaches the required speed and runs steadily without load before starting the processing, so as to reduce the abrasion.
    (3) In the process of operation, never beat or hit the spindle’s jig and rotor end threads, so as not to reduce the service life of components or impact the spindle’s functions.
    (4) In the operation process, the cutting tools should be replaced with correct method. When installing them, uniform force is preferred, and the threads should well align and clamp tightly with rotor end threads. In case of the necessity to replace the cutting tools in the process of operation, the spindle should be cooled firstly, and never replace it when it is still hot. 
    (5) During the operation, in case the fixture is bitten in the spindle’s rotor end, never knock out it, but remove it with plier or other tools without damaging the spindle’s rotor screw thread, and clean the rotor cone hole and clamp, so as not to shorten the service life of spindle or impact the quality of work-pieces. In case of poor accuracy of the fixtures, replace them immediately.

    3. Norms of repair & maintenance of electric spindle:
    (1) The spindle’s actual work period should be reasonably controlled. Theoretically, never allow the spindle continuously work for 24 hours, but allow it to rest for at least 2 hours every 12 hours of operation, in order to prevent the service life decline of spindle caused by mechanical fatigue.
    (2) The work condition should be observed carefully, and the temperature of environmental and spindle should be strictly controlled. The work environment temperature should be never higher than 35鈩, and if it is higher than 35鈩, it should be reduced with air conditioning or other protective measures to reduce the temperature of spindle.
    (3) Clean cooling water without impurities is preferred for the spindle. It is strongly suggested to clean the spindle’s waterway at the end of the operation, so as to prevent hole blocking caused by scale and rust. In addition, the circulating water temperature in the water tank should be strictly controlled, so as to stop too high water temperature and realize sound cooling effect.
    (4) The power supply connectors should be regularly checked, so as to stop their loosening or aging status that can damage the spindle and inverter.
    (5) When the spindle is restarted after unavailability for long time, it should enjoy sufficient no-load running from low to high speed gradually before the operation. 
    (6) When assembling and dissembling the cutting tool, the cutting tools, fixtures and nuts must be cleaned.

    4. Critical points for spindle operation
    (1) Only the spindle matching well with the selected frequency converter is preferred, and the power, voltage and frequency should be correctly adjusted according to the requirements stated on the nameplate of the electric spindle.
    (2) Before setting the frequency inverter, the command channel should be firstly defined, followed by the setting of display channel and related parameters in sequence. When setting the parameters, make sure that the reference frequency, rated frequency and the highest frequency should be consistent with each other.
    (3) Generally, the spindle should rotate clockwise. In case it is rotated in wrong manner, the setting of frequency converter rotation can be changed, or any two of the wires on UVW terminals of inverter output terminals can be exchanged,
     (4) Normally, the water-cooled spindle is over heated when its surface temperature is higher than ambient temperature (20鈩), and the air-cooled spindle is over heated when its surface temperature is higher than ambient temperature (30鈩), and immediately shut down the machine for check. 
    5. Critical points for repair & maintenance of spindle 
    (1) In case of abnormal sound found in spindle operation, immediately shut down the machine for check. In case the failure to resolve the faults, professionals should be invited or the machine should be sent to the manufacturer for repair.
    (2) In case of abnormal sound or burnt smell found in spindle operation, immediately shut down the machine for check. In case the failure to resolve the faults, professionals should be invited or the machine should be sent to the manufacturer for repair. 
    (3) If the spindle refuses to run after the boot, never repeated the start, but carefully check the following items. First of all, check to ensure sound setting of the parameters of frequency converter, input and output voltage and spindle’s parameter settings. Then check to ensure sound plugging of power plug and correct connection of wiring connectors.
    (4) Since the electric spindle is high-speed part with high precision and high stiffness, therefore it must be repaired by professionals or sent to our company for repair.

    Thank you for your careful reading. 

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