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    How to Determine the Electric Spindle Power of the Engraving Machine

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    How to Determine the Electric Spindle Power of the Engraving Machine?

    How to determine the electric spindle power of the engraving machine? Is the bigger the better?
    Of course not, the spindle motor power of the engraving machine has to be selected according to the object being engraved.

    Here we introduce one by one:
    1. Advertising CNC engraving machine: The engraving object is a relatively soft material. Therefore, the spindle power of the advertising engraving machine can be between 1.5kw and 3.0kw. This can not only achieve the purpose of engraving, but also save costs.
    2, Woodworking engraving machine: Woodworking engraving machine spindle motor can be based on the hardness of the wood to be processed, then select its power: generally between 2.2kw-7kw, this match is also the most reasonable. Also usually auto tool changer cnc router centers adopt 9kw ATC spindles.
    3, Stone engraving machine: Stone engraving machine spindle power is usually high, generally between 4.5kw-7.5kw.
    4, Tombstone engraving machine: Tombstone engraving machine spindle motor power also have to choose according to the hardness of the processed stone, generally around 3.0kw-6kw.
    5, Jade carving machine: jade carving machine because its bed is relatively small, the spindle motor power is generally 2.2kw-3.0kw.
    6, Metal engraving machine: According to the different engraving materials, select the appropriate spindle motor power, and should choose constant power spindles.
    7, PCB industry: The spindle motor power is generally between 700w-1.5kw. But always high rotating speed such as 36000rpm or 60000rpm.

    Spindle motor power if too big not only to waste energy but also increase machine costs, if power too small and can not meet the engraving power requirements, so choose the right spindle motor power is very important!

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