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    Collet and Nut Assembly Installation Fitting and Releasing an ER Collet

    collet and nut assembly installation fitting and releasing an er collet

    Collet and Nut Assembly Installation Fitting and Releasing an ER Collet

    ER collets are slotted alternately from both ends and therefore compress onto the cutter along the whole length of the collet when tightened. But when install the collet with ER clamping nut in to the collet holder or spindle, there are some tips need to be take care.

    Loading your tools properly in the collets and tool holders is a critical step in setting up the machine and should be done carefully to reduce the risk of breaking a tool and getting injured.

    The collet must be mounted in the nut first before fitting the assembly into the chuck body. To mount the collet in the nut, insert it on an angle, turn slightly and push it into the nut until it clicks into place on the eccentric flange. The cutter may now be fitted and the assembly tightened hard into the chuck body.
    To remove the cutter, slacken and undo the nut until resistance is felt. Then, using a collet wrench, further undo the nut until the collet is released from the chuck body. Removal of the collet from the nut is the reverse of the mounting procedure.
    Finally, use a wrench and tighten the nut down. This needs to be tight, but you can damage the collet if you over-tighten. Tightening the nut means just that: don't "kill" it, just tighten it. Apply firm pressure with your wrench and then go away before you decide that more is better.

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