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    Woodworking CNC Spiral Router Bits VS Straight Router Bits

    spiral router bits
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    Woodworking CNC Spiral Router Bits VS Straight Router Bits

    From the appearance, a spiral bit is like a drill bit, which makes plunge cuts easily. Because of its plunging ability, a spiral bit is great for cutting mortises. You can plunge straight down, then move laterally. The cutting edges of straights are parallel to the body or shank of the bit. To plunge cut mortises with a straight bit, you must plunge and sweep at the same time.

    Spiral router bits are increasingly popular. They use the technology of the metalworking industry. They are made of solid carbide, so they are super sharp and also leave a clean edge on the top or bottom surface. The three basic cutter configurations for spiral bits are up-cut, down-cut, and a combination of the two, known as a compression spiral router bit.

    However the solid carbide spiral bits are more expensive. A typical solid carbide spiral bit is likely to cost at least $20. A similarly sized straight bit with carbide-tipped cutters will run somewhere in the range of $6 to $20.

    And for pattern roughing, straight bits have the right bearing. It is difficult if not impossible to find spiral bits with bearings for pattern routing, whereas straight bit are available with bearings on either the shank or cutter.

    So each router bit has advantages and disadvantages. It depend your choice.





    Spiral Bits  

    Very clean cut

    More cutter in wood means less vibration

    Better plunge-cutting

    Less wear and tear on router

    Direct chips up or down

    Limited lengths and diameters

    Can be somewhat risky to use



    Straight Bits

    Wide variety of lengths and diameters

    Guide bearings on tip or shank mean better template routing

    Less expensive

    Greater ability to resharpen

    Plunge-cutting requires more effort and skill


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