CNC Router Machine for Acrylic Sheet Cutting Carving Engraving
CNC Router Machine for Acrylic Sheet Cutting Carving Engraving A1325C
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CNC Router Machine for Acrylic Sheet Cutting Carving Engraving A1325C
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CNC Router Machine for Acrylic Sheet Cutting Carving Engraving

CNC Router Machine for Acrylic Sheet Cutting Carving Engraving
Model: A1325C

This cnc router is a big size cnc router for acrylic, widely used for advertising processing, acrylic cutting, acrylic engraving, acrylic carving, acrylic routing, acrylic signs making and wood crafts working. It is a multi-purpose using cnc machine, a great helpful cnc tools for advertising industry entrepreneurs.

CNC Acrylic Cutting Machine Applications for adverting industry:
acrylic cutting, sign making, plastic sucking mould, bill plates, metal embossed sign, Sign board, Counter cutting boards, woodcutting, cutting wood frame profile, MDF wall art, paper rack, wood frame, box, wood letter, family tree, MDF funky wreath, hanging frames, MDF container, thumbs clock, MDF script wood, draws, photo stand, train storage, thumbs frames, paper stands, display cabinets, potato bins display, white board cutting, beveled MDF cart wood, sign foam, exhibit boards, bill board, display rack, engraving words, lighting words, LED words, shop sign, signboard, PCB, nameplates, badges, bronzing plate, aluminum alloy, acrylic plates, ABS resin double color plate, PVC foaming board, indentation plates, construction models, instrument panels, wooden products, etc.

CNC Acrylic Router Suitable for various materials: acrylic, wood, PMMA or other plastic, MDF board, PVC, composite board plywood and soft metal etc.
Big Acrylic Sheet CNC Router Features:
1. Heavy duty square steel tube bed, high rigidity, bearing strength better.
2. Ball screw transmission for Z axis, high precision and speed long life time. X and Y axis adopt rack transmission. Faster working, higher efficiency.
3. Adopt high quality water cooled spindle, also equipped with water pump to pump water to cool the spindle, so the machine can keep working for long-time without fault. 
4. X Y and Z adopt Taiwan HIWIN linear square guide rail, high precision, good dust proof.
5. DSP handle control system easy to operate and can work offline.
6. Well selected electrical accessory, let the failure rate to the minimum.
7. Intelligent protecting the working table, to prevent the damage by wrong operation. Also can prevent the crush caused by the design working area larger than actual working area.
8. Emergency stop button, ensuring the operation safe.
9. Good software compatibility, suitable for Type3, Artcam, Castmate, Ucanam, JDpaint, such CAD/CAM design software.
10. Break points, power off memory way, ensuring the memory function, can continue processing if cutters break or next day working. 
11. High performance subdivision stepper motor operates smoothly at maximum speed.
12. Optional rotary axis for cylinders help you solve the difficult when working on the round workpieces, cylinders.

Big Size Acrylic CNC Router Parameters:



X,Y,Z working area


X,Y,Z Traveling positioning accuracy 


X,Y,Z Repositioning positioning accuracy


Lathe bed frame

Steel square tubes

X,Y Structure

Rack drive, Taiwan HIWIN guide

Z Structure

Taiwan TBI Ball screw and Taiwan HIWIN guide

Drive motors

Stepper system

Table surface

T-slot clamp table

Max power consumption 

(without spindle) 2.0KW

Max rapid travel rate


Max working speed 


Spindle power 

3KW (optional)

Spindle speed 


Spindle inverter

Fuling inverter

Working voltage

AC220V/50-60Hz,1PH(Option:380V 3PH)

Command language

G Code

Operating system 

DSP system (Nc studio/Mach3 PC software)

Computer interface 


Flash memory



ER20 (3.175/4/6/12.7mm Optional )

Software compatibility

Type3 /Artcam/ Unigraphics / Ucancam/ JDpaint etc software

Running environment temperature 

0-45 centigrade

Relative humidity 


Packing size 






Mini order quantity

1 set


1 year

Optional parts

1. Air cooling spindle (HSD) or water cooling spindle
2. Vacuum suction table or T slot clamp table
3. Rotary system
4. Dust collector
5. Sink and water cooling system

After sales service

1.24 hour technical support by email, calling or MSN
2. User-friendly english manual and vedio for machine using and maintaining.
3. Our machines obtain CE and ISO9001 certificate.