CNC Router Slatwall MFC MDF Panels Cutting Machine
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CNC Router Slatwall MFC MDF Panels Cutting Machine W1325VC
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CNC Router Slatwall MFC MDF Panels Cutting Machine W1325VC
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CNC Router Slatwall MFC MDF Panels Cutting Machine

CNC Router Slatwall MFC MDF Panels Cutting Machine
Model: W1325VC

This CNC wood router is for slatwall tool board and cubewall making, mdf slatwall panel cutting, mfc slatwall cutting, melamine slatwall panels cutting, for 4 x 8 feet wood panel slot grooves cutting. Slatwall aka slat wall, slot wall, slotwall, slat board or slot board. And cubewall, also called cubed panels, with grooves in either direction, are a popular alternative to typical slatwall paneling. It is a functional wood cnc router for wall art.

CNC Slatwall Cutting Machine Features:
6KW Italy HSD spindle, powerful for big slots cutting. 
Vacuum table hold the wooden panel tight and quick. 
With dust collect system to keep the working area clean.
Heavy machine body to keep cutting stability.
Y axis with two stepper motors, support enough feeding power.
DSP handle control system, control the machine offline. Easy to operate.

Slat walls are fine for hanging tools and such but it won’t take a lot of weight. A lot of slat board is MDF, some is plywood. The ply seems to be a bit stronger. To avoid split, you can also purchase it with the aluminum re-enforcement slats

At the same time, slatwall usually with T slot grooves, so you need T slot router bit for making slat wall panels. And T slot bit size should be matched to the aluminum insert size.

Slotwall CNC Router Parameters:

X,Y, Z Working Area
Table Size
Lathe Structure
Seamless welded steel structure
X,Y Structure
Rack and pinion transmission,
Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails
Z Structure
Taiwan-made TBI rolling ball-screw,
Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails
Max. Idling Speed
Spindle Speed
0-18000r/min, variable speed
Working Voltage
AC380V/50-60Hz, 3 phase
Working Mode
Motor Working
G code (HPGL,U00,mmg,plt)
Operating System
Diameter of Cutter
Cooling Mode
Dust-collect Function
3.0KW dust extractor
By vacuum suction also can by clamp
Vacuum Pump
Water cycling, 5.5kw
Net Weight
Type 3, ArtCAM, Wentai

If you want bigger CNC slatwall machine, we can support 1500x3000mm, 2000x4000mm big working area wood CNC routers for slot wall tool boards, spacewall, pegboard making.

Slatwall panels is a kind of tool board, usually for product displays, retail shelving and garage storage systems. Slat wall is s a retail paneling system with grooves cut into it that goes on the perimeter walls of retail stores and you display from the grooves.

Slatwall is mostly wood, but can also be plastic or metal. You see it everywhere, once you know what to look for. You can see it on TV all the time. Slatwall is used in every type of retail store imaginable. It can be used for component parts, slatwall fixtures, and display panels. Wooden panels, which are the most common, can be made in custom sheet sizes and slot spacings; and a wide variety of finish options are available as well. Plastic channel and metal inserts create an enduring, classic wall system that is the most adaptable and flexible system available anywhere.