Best diy CNC Router Machine for Woodworking
Best DIY CNC Router Machine for Woodworking W1325VC
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Best DIY CNC Router Machine for Woodworking W1325VC
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Best diy CNC Router Machine for Woodworking

Best DIY CNC Router Machine for Woodworking
Model: W1325VC
This best CNC router is used as a 4 x 8 feet CNC woodwoking router, widely used for woodworking industries, like door factory, furniture factory, carpentry shop, great for wood cutting, lines cutting, round cutting, arc cutting, 4'x8' wood panels cutting, nesting etc.
Best CNC Router for Woodworking Applications:
Woodworking industry:
wood crafts, picture frames cutting, handicraft carving wave plates, wooden door production and processing (density board cutting, particle board cutting, 3D wall panels making, birch plywood cutting, sandwich plate cutting, making violin surface, solid wood furniture, carved wood art murals carved, guide plate processing, avoid lacquer carved door, cabinet door, craft wooden door, kitchen door, screen, PP plate cutting, the process window processing, aluminum plate cutting, calligraphy carving made three-dimensional wave board processing, slat wall making, wooden door, screen, process window, small handicraft processing, watch box, photo frame craft, calligraphy plaque, electrical cabinet countertops, sports equipment, large area of plate plane sculpture, secondary processing of various kinds of wooden products, furniture products. 
Advertising industry:
advertising signs, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, various labels and number plate engraving and cutting, a variety of materials advertising the production of
decorative products.
Other Industry: a variety of large-scale relief sculpture, shadow carving, widely used in the craft industry.

Best CNC Wood Router Features:

6.0KW Italy HSD air-cooling spindle
Guide rail

Taiwan HIWIN square guide rail (high level of dustproof, easy maintenance, non-lubrication slide, automatic lubrication systems)

Control system

DSP (anti-jamming capability, system stability, easy operation)

 Fuling inverter
China stable stepper motor and driver

X/Y axis helical rack gear ; Z axis ball screw (high precision, high speed)

Limit switch
Omron Japan

High quality cable (anti-jamming, anti-static, with high flexibility, long-term use will not break)

Vacuum table + with 6 suction area
Machine bed

Welded with thick square steel tubes, vibration aging treatment, prolonged use of deformation, to ensure the accuracy of the overall machine bed.

Best CNC Machine for Woodworking Parameters:

X,Y,Z Working Area
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy
Table Surface
Vacuum & T-slot Table 
Welded Structure, heavy duty structure
X, Y Structure

Helical Rack gear, Taiwan Hiwin Rail Linear guide pair

Z Structure

Taiwan TBI Ball Screw Taiwan Hiwin Rail Linear guide pair

Max. Power Consumption
2.0KW except the spindle
Max. Rapid Travel Rate
Max. Working Speed
Spindle Power

6KW HSD air cooling spindle(optional 4.5KW, 3KW, etc)

Spindle Speed
Drive Motors

Stepper motors (optional servo motors)

Working Voltage
AC380V/50/60Hz,3PH (Option: 220V, 415V)
Operating System

DSP  (Optional: Ncstudio /Mach3 Software)