Decorative Wall Panels Making MDF 2D 3D Texture Panel CNC Router
Decorative Wall Panels Making MDF 2D 3D Texture Panel CNC Router W1530VC
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Decorative Wall Panels Making MDF 2D 3D Texture Panel CNC Router W1530VC
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Product Description:

Decorative Wall Panels Making MDF 2D 3D Texture Panel CNC Router

Decorative Wall Panels Making MDF 2D 3D Texture Panel CNC Router
Model: W1530VC

This CNC MDF panels router all the features essential to sculpted wall panels making and nested based manufacturing. Consequently, with one CNC router machine you will be able to reduce your labor and waste, whilst increasing productivity and flexibility. At the same time you can maintain quality in both product and customer service. So, if you are in the business of manufacturing products from flat panels, such as carved wall panels, 2D and 3D wall panel making, kitchen and commercial cabinets, store fixtures, furniture, displays etc., Our CNC routed mdf wall panels router is the ideal solution for you.

MDF 2D Wall Panel Making CNC Router Machine Features:
1500*3000*200mm working area
4.5kw water cooling spindle (China top brand, highest quality)
5.5kw Fuling inverter (China top brand)
NCstudio PCI card control system (work with computer)
5.5kw vacuum pump
Taiwan HIWIN 20mm square rails for 3 axes
Stepper motor for X Y Z axis
Vacuum & T-slot combined worktable (Double use) 
Helical/oblique rack transmission (bigger loading capacity, more stable)
High precision imported Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission
Welded steel square tube, heavy duty structure
Separated control box
Japan OMRON limit switch
Rubber bumpers limit block
High soft flexible cable, anti-jamming
3kw double packets dust collector for optional

CNC Wall Panels Router Technical Parameters:

Working Area
Traveling Positioning Accuracy
Repositioning Accuracy
Vacuum & T-slot Table 
Welded Structure
X, Y axis

Helical rack 1.25M, Hiwin 20mm Rail Linear Bearing

Z axis

Hiwin Rail 20mm Linear Bearing & Taiwan TBI Ball Screw

Max. Power Consumption
(Without Spindle)  2kw
Max. Rapid Travel Rate
Max. Working Speed
Spindle Power
4.5KW water cooling spindle
Spindle Speed
Drive Motors
Working Voltage
AC380V/50/60Hz,3PH (Option: 220V)
Command Language
G Code
Operating System
Ncstudio (Options: DSP/Mach3 PC Software)
X,Y Resolution
Software Compatibility
Type3/ Artcam Software
Running Environment 
0 - 45 Centigrade
Relative Humidity
30% - 75%

MDF routed panels making machines are standard equipment in production shops. Primarily used for gables it drills dowel holes, shelf pin holes, holes for hinges and dadoes for back panels. All this on a very precise 32mm grid. It can also be programmed via AutoCAD to cut various shapes such as scalloped window valence etc. It will work all day with no lunch or coffee breaks and the first gable will be as precise as the last. It is impossible to compete with a shop that produces 10, 20 or more kitchens a week using automated machines. With the time savings, volume purchasing power, superior precision and simply economy of scale a small shop is at a disadvantage other than the cachet of so called "hand made". The smaller shops are best suited for one of a kind, highly custom cabinet jobs.
This mdf texture panel cnc router for sale is suitable for smaller shops.

Also with a big enough automatic mdf grille panel making machine, you can put a 4 x 8 sheet up and the software can nest a whole bunch of different pieces together to cut at the same time thus having less waste and better efficiency.

Most of the guys I know who use a CNC router parts don’t even use a saw anymore. Full sheets of material are put on the router, held in place with the vacuum on the spoil board, and all parts (gables, tops/bottoms, stretchers, kick plates, etc) are cut out. As well, all grooves/dadoes and any rabbets can be cut to any depth, holes drilled, etc. Most decent software will also nest the parts together for maximum material usage. 

Once you have your standard components drawn up in the CAD program, they are easily copied to any new plan. And most CAM software is easy to use today to get from design to cut parts in a short period of time.

If any questions about the CNC machines for decorative wall panels making, welcome to contact us.