CNC Wood Turning Lathe Triple HSS Cutters Knife Blades
CNC Wood Turning Lathe Triple HSS Cutters Knife Blades
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CNC Wood Turning Lathe Triple HSS Cutters Knife Blades
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CNC woodworking lathe knive tools

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woodturning copy lathe cutter

CNC Wood Turning Lathe Triple HSS Cutters Knife Blades

This HSS cnc wood lathing cutter is for wood baluster /stairs /funiture legs, work with cnc wood lathe machine, improved the productivity greatly and save cost.

1. Wood lathe knife size:
25x25x200mm (0.984x0.984x7.87inch)

2. New designed CNC woodworking lathe knives with 3 parts (used for rough cutter)
Triple HSS lathe knife is also called 3 in 1 wood lathe knife, it is made of 3 parts: tool steel cutter body, alloy steel blade. With white steel price, but alloy cutter lifespan.

3. Wood Lathe Carving Bit Material: middle lathe blade material is alloy steel, the other two parts are chisel tool steel.

4. Hardness (HRC): 67-69
HSS alloy steel wood lathe knife hardness just lower than tungsten steel, higher some levels than white steel, while the same hardness at 600 degree heat.

5. Wear
This cnc wood turning lathe cutter is made of high-quality precision carbide inlaid, superior wear resistance, 20 times more than ordinary products on the market, 10 times more than high speed steel.

6. High precision
Lathe knife for soft wood linear error within 0.1mm, cut mild degree can reach more than 90%, to ensure that customers in the use of two knives while eating can cut, to ensure product quality finish.

7. Applicable Material
Triple HSS cutter lathe knife is suitable for soft wood, mahogany, hardwood, middle hardwood, rubber, plastics, acrylic, carbon fibers, resins and other materials cnc lathing. (Cork or super cork processing, there will be good results)

8. Ideal lifespan
HSS wood lathe knife single process quantity is at least 4 times than white steel, and with 200mm length, cost is lower, lifespan longer, later you only need change the middle blade is ok.

9. Quick Grinding:
Wood cnc lathe blade grinding area is small, ordinary white wheel can be sharpened, not easy to burn edge, do not worry too much when grinding tool

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