Independent 3 Heads CNC Wood Router Machine for Wood Cutting
Independent 3 Heads CNC Wood Router Machine for Wood Cutting D1325VH3
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Independent 3 Heads CNC Wood Router Machine for Wood Cutting D1325VH3
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Product Description:

Independent 3 Heads CNC Wood Router Machine

Independent 3 Heads CNC Wood Router Machine for Wood Cutting
Model: D1325VH3

This multi heads CNC router 3 heads can process at the same time, triple the productivity. Also can be used alone, like 1 head or 2 heads when you make big product. This cnc wood machine is widely used in cabinets making, kitchen doors making, wood panels cutting, etc.

3 Spindles CNC Router Features:
1. The wood cnc machine has several spindles for engraving to improve work efficiency. One machine can be used as several machines. We can customize the multi-heads cnc router based on customers' demands.
2. Y axis adopts dual-motor drivers. Selecting the best motor ensure smooth movement.
3. Using high accurate rack with high precision, high speed and high strength.
4. Adopts imported linear square rail, to ensure the accuracy of the machine and can support heavy load.
5. Intelligent protection for working table that can prevent table from damage caused by mis-operation.
6. Overall optimization of design. Machine body use high-quality aluminum alloy for casting molding with rigid good, no distortion and good durability.
7. Simple operation: simplify and multi-performance operating platform for beginners are clear at a glance.

Independant Heads CNC Router Parameters:


Independent Three-heads CNC Wood Router D1325VH3

Working travel

X axis



Y axis



Z axis


Table structure

Vacuum adsorption table with vacuum pump  


Hiwin linear guide rail 20mm

Transmission type

XY helical rack and pinion,Z ball screw

Working accuracy


Repositioning accuracy


Max air move speed


Max working speed


Spindle parameters

Type of cooling

Air cooling (China high quality)



6kw *3 (4.5kw, 3kw optional)






Motor and Drive system

Stepper motor and driver

Command code

G code

Control system

DSP control system

Oiling system


Working voltage



ArtCAM, Type3, Ucancam

3 Heads CNC Router Applications:
1. This series products are designed and produced for high-end customers who pursue high standard, high demanding and high degree of automation. It’s suitable for produce in bulk.This machine can process non-ferrous and metal plates all day and night.
2. Furniture decoration: big flat plates engraving; solid wood sofa accessories and flat furniture engraving; solid wood art fresco, solid wood door and cabinet door engraving.
3. Woodworking processing sartorious table-board engraving, electric appliance cabinet table-board engraving, athletic equipement processing.
4. Musical instrument Musical instruent 3D curve engraving and appearance cutting.