5 Axis CNC Foam Cutting Wood Moulder Router Machine
5 Axis CNC Foam Cutting Wood Moulder Router Machine 5ATC1530C
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5 Axis CNC Foam Cutting Wood Moulder Router Machine 5ATC1530C
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5 Axis CNC Foam Cutting Wood Moulder Router Machine

5 Axis CNC Foam Cutting Wood Moulder Router Machine
Model: 5ATC1530C

This CNC mould router machine is a 5 axis CNC router, rotary A axis  ±360°, rotated head B axis ±120°. The spindle motor is 9KW Italy HSD ATC spindle, with linear type auto tool change magazine. This 5 axis cnc foam router is widely used in casting foundry industry for moulds making.
5 Axis CNC Foam Cutting Machine Features:
1, Adopts computer-aided design to achieve machine’ optimum structural design. By Movable Gantry and Fixed Table Mode, whloe Machine is welded with reinforcing steel structure. Strengthening ribs are welded inside. Many processes of Stress relief treatment greatly improve the whole machine’s rigidity.
2, Z axis uses the case typed design and tempering treatment, which make sure Zaxis working high rigidity and stability when working on surfaces with high speed. Also, Z-axis uses dual pneumatic counter-balance cylinder, which effectively reduces the motor’s loading power and extend machine’s service life.
3, High-precision and high-level Syntec operation system, which will be have over 32 extensible interpolation axes. Multifunctional 10-inch monitor which is intuitive and easy to be operated.
4, Dynamic graphic tool path display, intelligent warning display, self-diagnosis function to make the operation and maintenance much easy. Multi read-ahead control is particularly suitable for high speed and large capacity program tooling and demonstration.
5, Operation panel, comply with the safety standard, rotating design and easy to operate; portable hand-held remote control unit, which greatly facilitates tool setting, test cutting, processing and security.
6, Equipped with high-level precision, high speed and high rigidity linear guide rails, excellent capacity under heavy loading, good anti-wear properties.  High speed AC servo motors, ensure the machine has good stability during working with high speed, permanent high accuracy.
7, With Italian ATC HSD spindle and linear-type tool magazine holds 8pc tools which can be changed stably.

5 Axis CNC Foam Cutter Parameters:



Machine structure

Thick steel tube, vibration stress relief and tempering processed

Working table

Thic steel tube, VSR(Vibrating stress relief) process

Table working size

X/Y/Z: 15000x3000x1000mm, A: ±360°, B: ±120°


Italy HSD 9KW, air cooled, 0-24000r/min


Delta 11KW

Engine motor

Japan Yaskawa servo motor

Gear reducer

France MOTORVARIO two stage reducer

Control system

Taiwan Syntec 5 axis


X/Y axis: Taiwan HIWIN 35mm guide rails with tapers, Taiwan YYC helical rack


G code, HPGL, U00, mng, plt


380V, 3phase, 50-60Hz


Automatic oil lubrication

Optional Size

2000*4000mm, 2500*4000mm, 3000*4000mm


 40ft HQ full container 

5-Axis CNC Wood Moulder Router Applicable Industry:
Wood, EPS (Any kinds of Foam) and non-metallic materials.
1. Mold industries:
sculpture various large non-metallic mold can be particularly suitable for any kind of Foam (EPS) mould, wooden ship model,wooden model aviation and other wooden mould.
2. Foam industry: can carve and cut on any kind of Foam (EPS), do 2D and 3D dimension processing.
3. Cubic sculpture Field: used for making big size non-metal sculpture, city plaza sculpture, advertising sculpture, hotel sculpture, etc.