Automatic Linear Toolchanger Auto Tool Change CNC Router
Automatic Linear Toolchanger Auto Tool Change CNC Router ATC1630AD
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Automatic Linear Toolchanger Auto Tool Change CNC Router ATC1630AD
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Product Description:

Automatic Linear Toolchanger Auto Tool Change CNC Router

Automatic Linear Toolchanger Auto Tool Change CNC Router
Model: ATC1630AD

The ATC1630AD is ATC cnc router with linear tool magazine. This Automatic Linear Toolchanger machine equipped with an automatic tool change with a magazine for 8 tools. This tool changer CNC router is available as an option on every model. A very powerful 9kw spindle ensures top performance under all conditions.
Flexible number of tools as per customer needs, automatic measuring and saving of tool-length, dust collector which is pneumatic height adjustable, tool saver and changing station for quick on-site milling bit changing at the linearbar.

CNC Router With Linear Tool Magazine Features:
1. Original Italian HSD ATC spindle 9.0KW. Tool Blocking Automatic with pneumatic piston. Long Life lubricated Bearings. Air cooling electric fan.
2. Taiwan SYNTEC embedded numerical control system base on windows, separated keyboard control, color LCD display. Anti-interference design, 3D space curve prediction algorithm File pretreatment function, compatible with Mastercam, Type3, UG, Artcam, AutoCAD, etc.
3. Japan Yaskawa servo motor for X Y Z axis, closed-loop with encoder, Z axis with brake. Powerful with high speed.
4. Configured with linear tool magazine of 8 tools, the machine can change tools speedy and freely. The tools fixed in ISO30 tool holders can be stored in a linear gripper rack by the side or at the back of the working table.
5. Tool sensor enables the machine compensate the tolerance of the tool length. Automatic Tool length Sensor, it will digitize and store the tool length, then automatically recalled when a tool is selected from the auto tool change unit.
6. Vacuum working table with 8 vacuum areas and with high absorption power.
7. 25mm Hiwin linear guide rail and rack from Taiwan, and 32mm TBI precision ballscrew from Taiwan
8. Linear axes have special rack & pinion arrangement for minimal backlash.

Tool Change CNC Router Applied Areas:
These linear toolchanger cnc machines can be employed to produce extremely complex parts and artistic designs out of:
Wood composite materials: Plywood, Particle board, MDF, MDO, HDF, etc
Some typical products created from these materials include architectural panels, custom furniture, signs and lettering, cabinets, wood mouldings, and custom doors, to name a few. While our machines are very effective in large-volume applications, they are also ideal for custom applications.
Artisans are now employing CNC machining centers to make their visions a reality through art manufacturing and machining. By combining traditional methods with computers and digital imaging software, craftsmen are able to produce free-standing sculptures, 3D signs, models, as well as large-scale art installations.

Automatic Linear Toolchanger Parameters:


Working Area

1,600mm(X) x 3,000mm(Y) x 200mm(Z)

Machine Dimensions

2,370mm(W) x 3,800mm(L) x 2,300mm(H)


2200kg Approx


Location Precision


Repetition Precision


Control Part

Control Motor

Japan Yaskawa AC Servo Motor


Taiwan Syntec

Spindle Motor


9KW HSD ATC Spindle Motor

No. of Rotation



ER32 Collet

Traverse System

Traverse System

Helical Rank & Pinion, Hiwin Guide

Maximum Traverse Speed


Working Table

Vacuum Table

8 Vacuum Area

Vacuum Pump

5.5KW Air Cycling Pump

Power Source


380V/50-60Hz, 3 Phase