Industrielle Portable 3D Scanner Equipment to CNC Moulding Milling Machine Price
Industrielle Portable 3D Scanner Equipment to CNC Moulding Milling Machine
Product Name:
Industrielle Portable 3D Scanner Equipment to CNC Moulding Milling Machine
Number :
White light type 3d scanner 0.02mm

Product Description:

Industrielle Portable 3D Scanner Equipment to CNC Moulding Milling Machine

Industrielle Portable 3D Scanner Equipment to CNC Moulding Milling Machine
White light type 3d scanner

This industrial 3d scanner is for all major idustries. An integrated 3D scanner and software system that seamlessly brings physical objects into CAD/CAM and super charges your product development process. Also 3d scanner machine is helpful for professional scan-based design, reverse engineering and quality 3D inspection, cnc machine moulding, 3d carving, etc.

3D white light scanners are usually tripod mounted. Scan data is obtained shot by shot, as a grid of light is projected and laid over the component being scanned. As a scan is completed the grid is modified, and the scanner determines the 3D coordinates by calculating the returned patterns.

Industrielle 3d Scanner Machine Introduction:

1.) Portable design: Small size, small footprint, no noise, easy to disassembly and installation, very convenient to carry.
2.) "One-click" mark all points automatic splicing: Automatic splicing times of scanning data, the process is complete with “one-click”. Without manual intervention, no third party software, to ensure that the data does not appear stratified phenomenon.
3.) Non-contact scanning: Measurement without contact with anything, can easily measure the soft, easy to deformation objects; And can be move scanner when scanning large heavy objects, there is no limit to the trip.
4.) The noise of the point cloud processing and trim:  Can pruning and eliminate noise during scanning and at the end of the scanning. Due to use of high-end industrial lenses and original software de-noising module, can overcome the domestic like product cannot solve noise and floating point problem, save your post-processing and modification time.

Industrial 3D Scanners Features:  
1) Machine vision cameras (IDS, MADE IN GERMAN)
2) The original Japanese lens, USA projector
3) International brands grating light source
4) 2011 annual world's top point cloud processing algorithms
5) Support large computer memory (8G-64G), large data massive processing, Microsoft of WINDOWS7 X64, certified software play using advanced computer advantages
6) International software interface to support the overwhelming majority of file types
7) Shooting type of flexible, the lens can be adjusted, large-scale scanning and macro scanning device
8) Automatic stitching, a variety of splicing options, based on object features or "Mark Point" or “rotary table”
9) Instantly scan, a resolution of 1.3 million -500 million is optional
10) Compatibility of various brands of computer motherboards, graphics cards normal use
11) The USB2.0 high-speed interface to adapt to most computers, do not need to purchase additional interface card

3D Scanning Equipment Parameters:



Single Scan Range(mm)


Operating Distance


Feature Accuracy


Minimum Devide




Scannable Object Size


Original Sensor place


Scan Speed

1.3 s/f

Scanning Type

White projector map

Data Interface


Registration Type

Automatic and best-fit registration

Align Type

Marker, Geom-feature Auto Align



Dimension (mm)


Working Environment

Inner light

Hardware Interface

USB 2.0 (at least 2PORTS)

Operating System

Windows 7/32b&64b

Application of 3D Scanner Equipment:
For generating high resolution digital 3D models accurately, and are great for manufacturers of furniture, arts & crafts, molds industry, advertising, visual effect studios, and research labs that require 3D scan data for applications such as inspection, measurement, visualization, reverse engineering, or rapid prototyping.

3d scan 3d model

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