4x8 Feet 1325 150w CO2 CNC Laser Acrylic Wood Cutter Kit
4x8 Feet 1325 150w CO2 CNC Laser Acrylic Wood Cutter Kit JMT1325
Product Name:
4x8 Feet 1325 150w CO2 CNC Laser Acrylic Wood Cutter Kit JMT1325
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Product Description:

4x8 Feet 1325 150w CO2 CNC Laser Acrylic Wood Cutter Kit

4x8 Feet 1325 150w CO2 CNC Laser Acrylic Wood Cutter Kit
Model: JMT1325

This 4x8 CNC laser cutter adopt 150w CO2 sealed laser tube, can be used for many applications on many different types of materials, both natural and man-made. All cast and extruded acrylics can be processed with amazing results. The cut-edge is left with a fire-polished finish, reducing the need for a post-process after machining.

CNC Laser 1325 Machine Features:
1. Industrial Cooling System
Constant water temperature ensures laser tube a longer service time and high stability
2. Exhaust Fan
Exhaust fan removes dust and smoke to protect the optical parts and the users.
3. Electromagnetic air pump
The air blowing protects the lens from smoke and dust pollution. Also it protects the material being processed from fire or burned.
4. Red dot
The laser is invisible. Red dot shows the position of the laser on the material. It’s more convenient for location.
5. Honeycomb or blade table optional
Aluminum blade table is for processing acrylic, wood and other hard materials;
Honeycomb table is for processing cloth, leather and other soft materials.
6. Up/down Z-axis
You can adjust the table height by operating the Z-axis to process thick materials. Z-axis is also a must when you need to use auto focusing and rotary.

CNC Laser Cutter Applications:
Vector Cutting, Raster Engraving, Nameplates, Signmaking, Control Panels, Displays, Polished-Edge Acrylic, Sheet-Metal Fabrication
Materials CO2 laser cutter can engrave:
Acrylic, wood, cloth, leather, MDF, bamboo, rubber, glass, crystal, granite, marble, tile, ceramic, paper, magic bean, painted metal, etc.
Materials laser cnc cutter can cut:
Acrylic, wood, cloth, leather, MDF, plywood, cardboard, bamboo, rubber, asbestos rubber, paper, PVC, foam, EVA, ABS Plastic, Carbon Composite, Vinyl, etc. 

CO2 CNC Laser Cutter Kit Parameters:

Standard Laser power


Optional Laser power

80W, 100W, 120W, 130W, 150W

Engraving Area(mm)

1300 x 2500mm

Laser type

CO2 Laser tube

Cutting depth

Acryl 0-40mm, depending on materials and different laser power

Engraving speed

0-1000mm/s(Step motor); 3000mm/s(Servo motor optional)

Cutting speed

0-400mm/s(Step motor); 800mm/s(Servo motor optional)

Resetting positioning accuracy

< 0.01mm

Maximum forming character

English character: 1mm*1mm

Power supply

220V± 10% 50HZ or 110V± 10% 60HZ

Software supported

ArtCut, PhotoShop, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Lasercut

Main Graphic format supported


Water Cooling


Laser tube(life hours)

3500-4000hours(common), 8000-10000hours(Reci)

Gross power


Driving system

Stepper motor

G. W.


Machine size


Recommend Consumable spares

Laser Tube, Lens and Mirror



Assistant Equipment:

Red dot pointer, Water pump, Air pump, Exhaust fan, Blade worktable

Laser CNC Cutter Optional : Rotary axis
CNC laser rotary is used when processing cylindrical objects like bottles, cups, sticks, etc.