Top Quality Small Size Smart CNC Router Price for Sale from China
Top Quality Small Size Smart CNC Router AS6090C
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Top Quality Small Size Smart CNC Router AS6090C
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Top Quality Small Size Smart CNC Router AS6090C

Top Quality Small Size Smart CNC Router

Model: AS6090C

This is the top quality mini cnc router for advertisement engraving and cutting, mold manufacturing, solid wood processing, craft manufacturing, guitar making, light box cutting, guidepost making, indoor decoration cutting, signs making, acrylic board cutting, carving acrylic, etc.

6090 CNC Wood Router Specifications:
1, Precision machined heavy steel frame, very strong to keep heavy machining stability.
2, Water cooled high frequency spindle motor with a maximum rpm of 24,000rpm.
3, X, Y axis drivern by high precision helical rack and pinions.
4, Z axis driven by high precision imported TBI ball screws.
5, Powerful stepper motors driving all 3 axes.
6, All 3 axes running on Taiwan Hiwin imported linear guides.
7, Mach3 control system, controled by computer.
8, Simple USB transfer of files to the machine.
9, T slot table with PVC to protect the aluminium, to ensure perfect flat working surface.
10, Spindle water cooling pump supplied.
11, ArtCAM8.1 software included.

Small Size 6090 CNC Technical Data:
1, Working table size 600 mm x 900 mm
2, Maximum Z axis travel 200 mm
3, Motor power 2.2 kw
4, Router collet size: ER20
5, Maximum travelling speed 12m/min
6, Maximum cutting speed 8 m/min
7, X, Y and Z axis motors Step motors
8, Table construction T-slot / manual clamping
9, Nett weight of machine: 300 kg

DIY CNC Machine Optional Configurations:
1, Control system: DSP A11 handle controller, NK105 handle controller, Ncstudio PCI control
2, Motor: Hybride servo, AC servo
3, Spindle: constant torque water-cooling spindle, Chinese air cooled spindle, Italy HSD air cooled spindle

6090 CNC Wood Router