CNC Machines Router Bits for the Production of Slatwall Panels
CNC Machines Router Bits for the Production of Slatwall Panels
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CNC Machines Router Bits for the Production of Slatwall Panels
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How to make T slatwall panles

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CNC Machines Router Bits for the Production of Slatwall Panels

Slatwall, also called Bracket Board, Spacewall, Shutterwall, T-Slat (Wind Mill), Slotwall, Slot-Wall, Displaywall, Slat Board,  Slat wall Panel, Grooved board, Slotted MDF Board, Slot board, Slotted MDF board, etc. Slatwall is an ideal backdrop for your exhibition space. Also very popular in decoration, supermarket display, etc.

How to make the slatwall panels?
Traditional way is by hand router, or by small wood sheet, then combine to make slots.
Nowadays, CNC machining centers produce custom slatwall panels for the unique look retailers desire.  CNC router machines make the slotwall fast with high precision.

Slatwall panels are made of 18mm or 15mm thickness MDF or plywood or chipboards. Usually 6kw air cooled spindle is powerful enough to cut the T slots quickly.

Which machine is suitable for slat boards cutting?
The CNC routers have single head and multi heads, if you make large quantities slot-wall, you can choose multi heads cnc routers, several heads cutting T slots at one time, inhance the productivity.
As slatwall have Landscape slatwall (24 x 12) and Portrait slatwall (12 x 24), we can make machine especially producing landscape slatwall or portrait slatwall. And single head CNC router can make both landscape slatwall and portrait slatwall easily.

CNC Machines Router Bits for the Production of Slatwall Panels

What cutter bits used for T slots cutting?
Usually there are straight T slots and bevelled T slots, so there are straight T slot router bits and bevelled T slot router bits chose for use.
As the wood boards have MDF, plywood, chipboard, and Melamine board, etc, if cut normal MDF, plywood, chipboard, carbide T slot bits are ok. If cut Melamine board with clean edge, should use the PCD diamond T slot bits.
Customized size T slot bits can be made in RicoCNC.
T slots cutting router bits

What inserts put into the T slots?
Aluminum and plastic inserts are usually installed in the groove add beauty as well as strength. Of course Aluminum inserts can load much more strength than plastic, so it depends on your needs.

Aluminum slatwall inserts

Other accessories for slatwall display:
Slatwall hooks, slatwall shelves, slatwall accessories, slatwall brackets, slatwall lowes, slatwall menards, slatwall hangers, etc

Slatwall panel producing strategy:
1st step: decide the parameters of the aluminium bar;
2nd step: find the fitting router tool or send the aluminium bar to the router tool manufacturer to produce suitable tool;
3rd step: find the fitting slatwall hooks or sent the aluminium bar to the slatwall hook manufacturer to produce suitable hooks. 
(You can sent the aluminium bar to the tool manufacturer and hook manufacturer at the same time, this can save a lot of time.)
Prepared everything well, we can start to produce slatwall panel with our cnc router.

Slatwall panel producing strategy

Slatwall panels are widely used in: Fashion retailers, Supermarkets, Showrooms, Designer stores, Shoe and sports goods outlets, Garage cabinet, Hardware chain store, etc. It is becomes more and more popular, and the CNC wood router machine is a very helpful tool to achieve fast and large quantity production.

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