Plastwood Hard PVC Foam Cutting CNC Router Machine
Plastwood Hard PVC Foam Cutting CNC Router Machine W1325VC
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Plastwood Hard PVC Foam Cutting CNC Router Machine W1325VC
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CNC plastwood cutting machine
Plastwood Hard PVC Foam Cutting CNC Router Machine
Model: W1325VC

Plastwood or Closed-cell PVC foam board is a light-weight rigid material used primarily in the manufacture of signand displays. It is considered robust for out door use, being immune to rain and resistant to wind and sun light. PVC foam board is distinct from the extra light weight foam coreboard, laminated of foam and card surfaces, used for indoor signage and modeling.

CNC router is widely used in plastwood cutting now. CNC control is functional to cut different designs as per needs. High speed, save time and labor.
This 4 x 8 feet woodworking CNC router is a standard CNC router machine for 4x8 ft plastwood sheet cutting.

Plastwood Cutting CNC Router Parameters:



X,Y,Z Working Area


Table Size


X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy


X,Y,Z repositioning Positioning Accuracy


Frame Structure

Welded Structure

X-Y Structure

Rack and pinion, Taiwan square guide rails

Z Structure

Ball srew, Taiwan square guide rails

Max. Speed


Max. Working Speed


Spindle Power

6kw air-cooling spindle

Spindle Speed


Drive Mode

Stepper Motor

Working Voltage


Command Code

G code,*u00,*mmg, *plt

Operating System

DSP control system

Computer Interface


Flash Memory




X,Y,Z Working Accuracy



Type3, Artcam

Packing Size


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Plastwood is a hard PVC (PVC Foam Sheet) made to replace wood. It is a conservation product. The precious forest resources are scarce. Help maintain the balance of nature and the environment of the world. The purpose is to replace the use of natural wood with "superior properties of natural wood"
Plaswoodr can be used as building and decoration material. Both outside and inside, such as lumber, partitions, ceiling, PVC doors, eaves, cornice, lotus, eyebrows, furniture, bathroom, kitchen set, sauna, billboards, fencing, interior design, booth and exhibitio, shelf, display, P.O.P, gift, premium, signage, field benches, and more, based on creativity of the users.

Plasmacluster Properties:
1. Solid and has a very rigid structure.
2. Very light (as little as half the weight of solid pvc)
3. Highly resistant to moisture and some chemicals, suitable for both external and internal work.
4. And very easy to cut and shape. It also has thermoplastic properties
5. Can be cut as easily aswood softened and shaped by immersing in boiling water or with a standard heat gun
6. Painted with standard automobile paints. Use acrylic or epoxy paint.
7. No asbestos it can be used in the food industry.
8. Insulating and sound insulation
9. Not fire
10. It can work with all kinds of tools such as nails, shot screws cut with saws, such as saws, rods, saws, diamonds, saws and saws without breakage due to the good properties of Plasco . Widespread in the decoration of the premises. Plasticwood can also be used for billboards.

Beside the CNC router machine, RicoCNC also can supply the router bits for plastwood cutting.

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