3 axis linear auto tool change cnc router with italy hsd 9.0kw spindle price cost
3 Axis Linear Auto Tool Change CNC Router with Italy HSD 9.0KW Spindle ATC2040AD
Product Name:
3 Axis Linear Auto Tool Change CNC Router with Italy HSD 9.0KW Spindle ATC2040AD
Number :
ATC2040AD automatic tool changing cnc

Product Description:

woodworking atc cnc router with italy hsd 9.0kw spindle

3 Axis Linear Auto Tool Change CNC Router with Italy HSD 9.0KW Spindle
Model: ATC2040AD

Auto Tool Changer (ATC) is the perfect solution for increasing the productivity of your CNC Router. And this cnc tool changer machine is with 2000*4000mm effective working area, big working size can achieve big workpiece machining, also can be treated as multi working area. One working area finished, the operater can get the products down and put on new workpiece. The machine need to stop, increase the productivity greatly.

The automatic tool changer cnc is vailable with a capacity of 6, 8, 10 tool holders, it is easy to setup and configure. The ATC control system loads the correct tool and then automatically calibrates it on the
tool length senor
, which is conveniently located directly on the linear tool magazine itself. Once this operation is complete, the operator is ready to go, no need more operators, and the system automatically selects the correct tool and finishes the job as quickly as possible.
Automatic tool changer CNC router is the perfect solution for the jobs which have to be finished by multi types of router bits, improves the throughput capacity when processing multiple tool operations dramatically.

3 Axis Linear ATC CNC Router Parameters:

Model ATC2040AD

ATC CNC Router With Italy HSD 9.0KW Spindle

Lathe Bed

Heavy T bed after Heat treatment process

X Y Z Guide Rail

Taiwan Imported Square Rail

X Y Transmission

Rack Gears (German WMH Herion Imported optional)

Z Transmission

Taiwan Imported TBI Ball Screw

Spindle Motor

Original Imported 9.0KW Italy HSD ATC air cooling


11KW Taiwan Delta

Control System

Syntec control system

Typeset Software


X\Y\Z Axis Driver

Japan YASKAWA Servo Motor

Lathe Table

Hard PVC (Bakelite Board optional)

Dust Collector


Air Compressor


Tool Magazine

Linear Tool Changer, 8 Tools

Spindle contact cone

ISO30 tool holder

Tool Diameter

2 ----20mm

ATC CNC Router is helpful to custom furniture and interior design business. It can improve the production in so many ways. The speed in produce the products has dramatically increased, shorten the delivery times and let the owners plan their production very accurately. The CNC has improved material yields increasing profits and has limited shop personnel cutting errors.

Woodworking atc cnc router application: used for cutting carving and production of wood, MDF, plastic, acrylic, etc.

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