spindles motors cable wires for cnc router engraving machines
Flexible Drag Chain Cable Wires for CNC Router Engraving Machine Spindles Motors
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Flexible Drag Chain Cable Wires for CNC Router Engraving Machine Spindles Motors
Number :
TRVVP 4*1.5, TRVVP 4*1.0 cables

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cnc router cable wires

Flexible Drag Chain Cable Wires for CNC Router Engraving Machine Spindles Motors
TRVVP 4*1.5, TRVVP 4*1.0, TRVVP 4*0.75, TRVVP 3*1.5, TRVVP 3*1.0

High qaulity cable is very important to the CNC router machines, the cables running high speed in the drag chains, also conduct the electricity, easy to get high temperature. For bad quality cable, it is easy to burn. If not take care, maybe burn the machine and burn the workshop and factory. It is necessory to use high quality flexible cable wires for the CNC machines.

RicoCNC supplies national standard bending high flexible drag chain cable, the conductor adopts multi-strand fine twisted superfine oxygen-free copper wire, which has high flexibility and good electrical conductivity. The insulation and sheath are made of special modified mixed PVC plastic, which is soft and resistant to bending.

Flexible Chain Cables Application:
It is suitable for dry or wet rooms and installation without strong stress or free continuous reciprocating movement. It is special suitable for the working places of woodworking machine, machine tool equipment, logistics conveyer system, crane and other related equipments. For the short pitch, it has excellent crosstalk resistance property.

CNC Cable Wires Properties:
Waterproofing; Oil resistance; Cool resistance; Abrasion resistance; Flame resistance; Anti-ultraviolet.
Bending for life: Above 5, 000, 000 times.

CNC Router Cable Structure:
Conductor: Fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire, Acc. To VDE 0295 CLASS 6
Insulation: Special PVC
Sheath: Special PVC, black(RAL9005) or Grey (RAL7001)
Related voltage: sectional area >0.5mm: 300/500V;   sectional area<0.5mm2: 300/300V
Test voltage: 2000V
Temperature range: Fixed Installation: -30 degree to + 90 degree
Flexing Installation: -5 degree to +90 degree
The minimum bending radius: Fixed: 5xd
Moved: When travel<10m, bending radius of 7.5xd; When travel>=10m, bending radius of 10xd

Our TRVVP Cables Advantages:
1, Strict implementation of the national standard, a sufficient amount of meters
2, Shielding, can effectively prevent the occurrence of partial discharge between the conductor and the insulation layer, strong anti-interference ability
3, High flexibility, using environmentally friendly high strength PVC, more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant
4, Anti-drag, special for CNC engraving industry, great performance for cable chain running
5, Fine strands of oxygen-free copper wire, more stable current transmission
6, Low resistance, save energy and cost
7, Using PC double jacket, super fire-retardant
8, Low eccentricity, uniform wall thickness
9, Anti-high pressure test, effectively prevent the core exposed

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flexible drag chain cable wires for cnc router