CNC Quick Tool Changer Spindle Changing Router for Door Making
CNC Quick Tool Changer Spindle Changing Router for Door Making W1325V2
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CNC Quick Tool Changer Spindle Changing Router for Door Making W1325V2
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CNC Quick Tool Changer Spindle Changing Router for Door Making

CNC Quick Tool Changer Spindle Changing Router for Door Making
Model: W1325V2

This two heads CNC quick tool changer is an easy ATC (Auto Tool Changer) cnc machine. Two spindles two processing ATC, each head fixed with different use cutter bits, controlled by the control system, two spindles with tools auto changer. This quick changetool router is good for door, cabinets, table making, etc.

Auto Spindle Changer Machine Features:
1. Two 3.5 KW air-cooling spindles, powerful for door carving.
2. Two spindles can use two different tools for your two different designs' processing at the same time, which is similar with Auto-tool changer CNC Machine Center with two tools.
3. DSP auto tool changer control system with auto-tool changing function.
4. Bigger gantry width can make sure every spindle's effective working area.
5. Heavy Side plates, which can keep large supporting power for the gantry's moving perfectly.
6. XYZ effective working area is 1300*2500*200mm.
7. Independently Electric Control Box, with perfect wiring and free moving pulley
8. Heavy Hard Steel Lath Body, keep the machine's working High stability. Whole machine is welded with seamless steel structure, dealing with Time-treatment, the stability is excellent, never to be deformed.
9. High-precision and bigger ball screw and original bigger Taiwan HIWIN straight square guide rail to make sure the machine’s working high-speed and high-efficiency.
10. Vacuum System with: vacuum table with suction block, vacuum pump and tubes
11. Has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure.
12. Has the function of forecasting process time.
13. Perfect lubricating system makes maintenance much easier.
14. Dust collecting function optional. It will clean up the carving residuum and make the operations tidier and more convenient.
15. Advanced design of the machine make sure strong cutting and guarantee the engraving precision.
16. Vacuum table with 6 vacuum zones, which can hold different size materials. It is also convenient for the user to fix the materials by clamp.
17. The steel parts of the machine are made in our own factory to ensure the stability of the machine.

Spindle Auto Changing CNC Router Applications:
1. Woodworking industry: the processing of 3D wave plate, wooden door, screen, craft window, assistant all kinds of furniture, game machine cabinets and panel, computer desk and the like.
2. Advertising industry: label making, ad marking, acrylic cutting, blister molding, all kinds of ad decoration productions and the cutting of large ad letter and sign.
3. Other industries: shadow carving, embossing carving, widely used in craft gift.
4. It is suitable for mass processing of solid woods, density boards, composite boards, rigid plastics, artificial marble, acrylic, and other materials.

CNC Spindle Tool Changer Door Router Parameters:



X,Y Working Area


Z Working Area


Tool change function

Yes, with 2 spindles

Table Size


Package size




Max. Idling Speed


Spindle Motor Power

3.5 KW air cooling spindle

Working Mode

Stepper motors and YAKO drives


3.7Kw Fulling Inverter

Vacuum system


Vacuum pump

5.5Kw air cooling vacuum pump

Operating System

DSP ATC control system

Lathe Structure

Seamless welded steel structure

X,Y Structure

Rack and pinion transmission,

Z Structure

Imported high-precision Ball screw


Steel gantry


Taiwan made HIWIN square rail

Spindle Rotate Speed


Working Voltage

AC380V/50-60Hz, 3PH


G code,HPGL,U00,mmg,plt

Diameter of cutter


Manual oil-injection



Wooden case