pull stud hsd iso30 bt30 bt40 retention knob for cnc milling tool holders
Pull Studs HSD ISO30 BT30 BT40 Retention Knobs for CNC Milling Tool Holders
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Pull Studs HSD ISO30 BT30 BT40 Retention Knobs for CNC Milling Tool Holders
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Pull Studs HSD ISO30 BT30 BT40 Retention Knobs

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pull stud bt40 retention knob
Pull Stud HSD ISO30 BT30 BT40 Retention Knob for CNC Milling Tool Holders

These tool accessories are pull studs (also called retention knobs). The retention knob is the connection between the machine ATC tool spindle drawbar and the tool holder. Pulling forces, superior material, hardening quality and precision are important.

Precision machining guarantees precise positioning and safe locking of the holder in the spindle. Most machines require a standard pull stud design (DIN, ISO, BT, CAT) and some require a specific design. Please make sure that the Retention Knob you order is the correct one for your machine. Using the wrong Retention Knob can cause damage to your machine spindle, the tool holder, and may cause a safety hazard.
The retention knob is an unmistakably critical component of the machining process. However, the tightening of the knob itself can lead to the toolholder not seating securely in the machine. You may be losing tool life to knob tightness without even knowing it.
Retention knobs, if incorrect or installed improperly can lead to spindle damage, reduced tool life, and poor surface finish.

Our pull studs are manufactured with the best steel that ensures minimum wear and guarantees a tough inner core that resists the normal wear and tear caused by a CNC machine.

Pull Studs Features:
1, All mating surfaces precision ground
2, Manufactured to the highest standards
3, For maximum safety and long life
4, Hardened for maximum longevity

We have in stock retention knobs category such as BT30, BT40, BT50, ISO, HSD, CAT40, CAT50 pull studs, etc.

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