Becker vacuum pump air filter cartridge inlet core paper filter
Becker Vacuum Pump Air Filter Cartridge Inlet Core Paper Filter
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Becker Vacuum Pump Air Filter Cartridge Inlet Core Paper Filter
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Air Cleaning Filter Elements for Vacuum Pumps

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vacuum pump filter

Becker Vacuum Pump Air Filter Cartridge Inlet Core Paper Filter

Vacuum pumps are widely used with CNC router machines, printing machines, oscillating machines.
Filter elements for vacuum pump exhaust mist filters and air filter are necessary for industrial vacuum pump filter.

CNC Router Replacement Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter Features:
1, Significantly reduces the risk of a clogged element which can cause overheating, pump failure, and loss of production. Prevent foreign material from damaging the inlet vanes, or other internal parts.
2, Easy to install, easy to service, just replace or clean the pleated filter cartridge.
3, No more interrupting your vacuum process to check the filter elements.
4, Less maintenance time required for routine inspections.

Becker Vacuum Pump Model                  Item No
VT3.3 /VT4.8 /VT3.6                            909581
VT3.10 /VT4.10 /VT4.16 / VT3.16             909518
VT3.25 / VT4.25                                 909505
VT3.40 / VT4.40 /DT4.40                        909505
DVT2.60 /KDT2.60                               909510   909507
KVT3.80 /KVT2.80/ KVT3.60/ DVT3.80        909510   909507
KVT/DVT2.140/3.140/4.140                     909510   909507
KVT/KDT3.100/DVT3.100/2.100                909514   909507

Becker filter 909505, 909506, 909507, 909510, 909512, 909514, 909515, 909518, 909519, 909529, 909541, 909580, 909581

Also have filter for
Pushtechs RA0040 RA0063 RA0100 R5165 R5205D RA0160 RA0302 RA020 RA0255
Rietschle VC100 VCEH100 VC200 VC300 VC202 VC303
Leybold SV40 SV40B SV65B SV100 SV100B SV200 SV300 SV300B
Becker U4.40 U4.70 U4.100 U4.165 U4.250

Vacuum Pump Air Filter

Separation rate:

3-4µ (99,9% collection for average particle size = 4µ).


As vacuum filter for oil-free and oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors as well as side channel vacuum pumps and compressors.


Collects oil and grease residue, e.g. on envelope machines, cigarette machines etc., without clogging or irreparably damaging the filter

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