3D Wavy Board Textured MDF Wall Panels Machining CNC Sculpture Wood Machine
3D Wavy Board Textured MDF Wall Panels Machining CNC Sculpture Wood Machine W1325VC
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3D Wavy Board Textured MDF Wall Panels Machining CNC Sculpture Wood Machine W1325VC
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3D Wavy Board Textured MDF Wall Panels Machining CNC Sculpture Wood Machine 

3D Wavy Board Textured MDF Wall Panels Machining CNC Sculpture Wood Machine
Model: W1325VC

This wood cnc router is designed for wood working, especially for 3d wall panel making, 3D MDF panel making, 3d mdf wall texture sculpture, 3d wood cutting wave board making, slat wall making, particle board cutting, chipboard cutting and so on.

3D Wall Panels CNC Router Application:
1. Furniture making: wood wave board carving, 3d panel making, wood door cutting, wood artwork engraving, wave boards making, 3d photo engraving, small or large relief works etc.
2. Advertising industry: cutting/engraving/drilling/carving on wood, MDF, bamboo, plastic, PVC, acrylic, two colors board, metals, stone etc. 
3. Artwork industry: figure engraving, character engraving and cutting, name brand making, small gift cutting, souvenirs making, Carving various decoration letters, figures on small windows, fences, wall, etc. 
4. Model making: to cut materials into different shapes for models making.  
5. Stamps making industry: carving on many different materials like rubber, acrylic, cattle horn, plastic, wood and ink storage materials and so on.

3D Wall Panels Making Wood Machine Features:
1. 3d carved wall board cnc router body design with high strength and double driving motors of Y axis, which have more reasonable design, fast processing speed, easy-operated maintenance and low fault rate.
2. Advanced cnc processing system has powerful functions and humanized operation, as well as can receive data through U disk or network.
3. Stable stepper drivers and motors powerful strength, fast processing speed, stable operation, high cost performance.
4. High power spindles have constant power, low noises and super strong cutting force, which improve working efficiency greatly.
5. Imported and high precision linear guideway have features such as stable operation, high precision and steady support, which prolong service life of machines.
6. 3d machining of textured panels CNC Z axis adopts imported ball screw with industrial level can positioning accurately and make processing effects more perfect.
7. Energy-saving vacuum clamp table and dust collectors can protect the environment.
8. Softwares have good compatibility. The machine can be compatible with various CAD/CAM design & making software such as TYPE3,Artcam, JD, Artcut, UG, MasterCAM, PowerMill and so on.

Wavy Wall Panels Routing CNC Machine Parameters:

Working area:


Spindle type: 

Water cooled spindle 

Spindle power


Spindle rotating speed


Power supply:

AC380±10,  50-60 Hz OR AC220V

Max moving speed:


Max. working speed:



T slot vacuum clamp table 

Locating precision:


Min shaping character:


Operating temperature:


Working humidity

30%-75%(without condensed water)

Working precision:


System resolution:


Control configuration:


Data transfer interface:


System environment:

WINDOWS 2000/WINDOWS XP/ windows 7

Spindle cooling way:

Water cooling by water pump (optional: chiller)

Graphic format supported:

G code: *.u00, * mmg, * plt, *.nc 

Compatible software

ARTCAM, UCANCAM and other CAD or CAM softwares….

Cutting thickness:

Depends on different material

Z tool censor:


Whole machine dimension:


Net weight:


Gross weight



Plywood case (veneer wood case for export)

Packing size