Disk Type Homemade Automatic Tool Changer Wood CNC Router Machine
Disk Type Homemade Automatic Tool Changer Wood CNC Router Machine ATC1325AUY
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Disk Type Homemade Automatic Tool Changer Wood CNC Router Machine ATC1325AUY
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Disk Type Homemade Automatic Tool Changer Wood CNC Router Machine

Disk Type Homemade Automatic Tool Changer Wood CNC Router Machine
Model: ATC1325AUY

This homemade automatic tool changer cnc router is a great all-rounder and can tackle almost any routing job! It’s the perfect machine for Nested Based Manufacturing, shopfitting, sign manufacturing, general woodworking, plastics, or parts fabrication. With automatic tool changer mechanism, can change one tool within 8 seconds. The tool changer mechanism move with Y axis.

Homemade CNC Automatic Tool Changer Applications:
1. The model is a professional and efficient woodworking engraving machine, it suitable for large-volume, Joint processing of multi-model tool. Can be applied to furniture industry, solid wood furniture, solid wood doors, decorative materials, cabinet doors, computer tables, panel furniture, office furniture, wood Furniture industry, wood door, cabinets, kitchen, Chairs, decoration business, solid wood doors, Mould industry, wood panel, wave board processing, screen, calligraphy tablet design, relief, PVC and MDF sheet carving, Speaker system, kitchen utensils, and other wooden furniture processing, Timber/HMR cutting.
2. With the rotary axis, the machine also can do 3D engraving. Such as arts and crafts making, wooden pen holder engraving, bamboo and gift boxes engraving, handrails and railings engraving, table legs and bed legs engraving and so on.

Home CNC Tool Changer Features:
1. Circle style automatical tool changer with 8 pieces of tools in total. Changing the tool only needs 8 seconds. Disc tool magazine move with Y axis.
2. Adopt Italy-made air-cooled auto tool change spindle with strong power of 9.0KW, the machine can keep working for long-time without fault.
3. X and Y axes adopt rack and pinion transmission, faster working, higher efficiency and low cost. Z axis adopts Taiwan-made TBI ball-screw and Taiwan Hiwin H30 square orbit, with high precision and longevity.
4. Excellent compatibility: CAD/CAM designing software eg. Type 3/ Artcam/ Castmate/ Wentai etc.
5. Gantry is made of heavy square steel tube, unlike others who adopt aluminum materials. Steel gantry has better stability than aluminum ones.
6. Advanced Taiwan SYNTEC control system with separate keyboard and color LCD screen makes the operation easier, and the auto tool change system makes the operation safer and convenient.
7. Adopting high-torque Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver, greater accuracy and stability.
8. Manual oil-injection system makes the maintenance more convenient.
9. Vacuum table with 6 vacuum zones, which can adsorb different size materials and has strong suction of 230 cube meters /hour.
10. Has the function of re-carving after break point and power failure.
11. Advanced file pretreatment function can correct the error in the files and is compatible with the process codes of multiple national and international software. (such as Mastercam, Type3, Artcam, Unigraphics, etc).

Homemade ATC CNC Tool Changer Parameters:



X,Y, Z working area


Table size


X, Y, Z travel positioning accuracy


X,Y, Z repositioning positioning accuracy


Table surface

Vacuum and T-slot combined


Steel tube structure

Drive system X-Y axis

Rack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin Linear Rail

Drive system Z axis

Taiwan TBI Ball Screw, Hiwin Linear Rail

Max power consumption

4.5kw(without spindle)

Max idle speed


Max working speed


Spindle power


Spindle speed


Working motor

Servo Yaskawa


Taiwan planet

Disc tool magazine

8 tool stations

Working voltage


Command language

G code


CF card

Operating system

Syntec control system


Type3, UcancameV9, Artcam


Temperature:0 degree-45 degree

Paking size


Net weight


Gross weight


Rotary axis optional.