High Z Model CNC Router Routing Engraving Equipment
High Z Model CNC Router Routing Engraving Equipment WS1325CZ
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High Z Model CNC Router Routing Engraving Equipment WS1325CZ
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High Z Model CNC Router Routing Engraving Equipment

High Z Model CNC Router Routing Engraving Equipment
Model: WS1325CZ

This cnc router is a special long z axis cnc router, it is a high z axis cnc router, longer moving in z axis. Its feeding height is 300mm, Z axis moving distance is 500mm, specially used for building industry. Such as heating panels routing, plasterfibre board Fermacell cutting, etc.

High Z Model CNC Router Application fields and materials:
1. The mold industry: casting, automotive, wind power, ships, boats, aerospace industry, rail transport.
2. The instrument industry: three-dimensional surface of large musical instruments, cutting and shaping.
3. Building and decoration industry: cutting and engraving on wood for furniture, indoor decoration, heating panels routing, etc.
4. Applicable materials: polystyrene foam (EPS), and wood, timber and non-metallic carbon hybrid materials. 

High Z CNC Router Features:
1, Thicker hard steel structure ensure the heavy head work stable and accurate.
2, T slot clamp table, easy to hold the work piece tightly, also save electronic power.
3, High quality Taiwan imported Linear guide has much longer life 10 times of life-time than round guide; It is stable and hard to distort.
4, 4.5KW top brand water cooling spindle has much powerful strength; Driven by Taiwan Delta frequency inverter, variable speed can be chosen.
5, NC studio PCI computer control system is a very popular control system with high quality. Easy to operate by computer. And it has the breakpoint recovery function.
6, Double motor for Y axis make the cnc machine work with more strength; X Y Z axis adopted Japan Yaskawa servo motor, with Taiwan reducer. Semi-close loop control, quick reaction, and big torque.
7, Z axis feeding height 300mm, and Z axis travel stroke is 500mm, suitable for large and medium-sized three-dimensional surface processing. 

CNC Routing Engraving Equipment Parameters:



X,Y,Z Working Area


Feeding height

300mm (500mm optional)

X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy


X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy


Table Surface

T-slot Clamp Table 


Welded Steel Square Tube Structure

X, Y Structure

Rack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings

Z Structure

Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw

Max. Rapid Travel Rate


Max. Working Speed


Spindle Power

4.5 KW water cooled spindle

Spindle Speed


Drive Motors

Japan Yaskawa Servo System 


Taiwan Planet

Working Voltage


Command Language

G Code

Operating System

NC studio control system



X,Y Resolution


Software Compatibility

Type3/UcancameV9/Artcam Software

Running Environment  Temperature

0 - 45 Centigrade

Relative Humidity

30% - 75%