CNC Foam Milling Routing Machine for Foam Cutting Prototyping
High Z Axis CNC Foam Milling Routing Machine for Foam Cutting Prototyping BS1325CM
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High Z Axis CNC Foam Milling Routing Machine for Foam Cutting Prototyping BS1325CM
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CNC Foam Milling Routing Machine for Foam Cutting Prototyping

High Z Axis CNC Foam Milling Routing Machine for Foam Cutting Prototyping
Model: BS1325CM

This cnc foam router machine is a heavy duty cnc foam milling machine with high z axis, T shape heavy structure keep the stability for 500mm high z processing. It is widely use in wood working and mould making, especially for routing poly, wood mould making.

CNC Milling Foam Machine Application materials and industries:
Foam, Styrofoam, Polyfoam, Poly foam, polyurethane foam, polysester resin, EPS Foam, XPS, plastic, wood, MDF, solid wood, hardwood, artificial stone, marble, granite, aluminum composite panel, aluminum block, copper and so on.
Mold casting Industry: foam mold for car, and wood mold for wind power generation, ship, aviation, train, airscrew, etc and Insulation Industry: insulation retardant plate, Packing Industry for presents.

CNC foam prototyping machine features:
1. This foam milling CNC machine adopted T shape heavy duty structure, thicker gantry to keep the stability for 500mm feeding height working.
2. Spindle adopts Italy HSD air-cooling electronic spindle. Spindle motor 13.5KW,can satisfy requirement of machining power. Standard ER40 collet to hold cutter, enough cutter clamping force, change cutter easily. Can steady processing with φ26×300 length cutter.
3. Japan Yaskawa servo system, semi closed-loop control, high accuracy.
4. Rail and screw rod install auto lubrication system
5. Y axis adopt double screw driver to keep balance and steady
6. Foam milling machine control box with auto air conditioning system, better cooling, long time work
7. Z axis height 500mm, it is matching for big 3D curved surface materials.
8. Driving rail adopts original Taiwan imported 25mm square lead rail.
9. Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI original coarse pitch precise rubbing screw rod, high precision transmission
10. Cable adopts high soft numerical control machine shielding line, anti-jamming, and can reciprocate 12 million times.
11. Taiwan Delta frequency inverter, Schneider electrical components, high performance, and perfect in anti-interference.
12. Intelligent protection system for cross the border, can prevent any crash due to the big materials processing.
13. Diversification control system, control the process speed, idle running speed, roll setting speed etc. Increasing the quallity and the production effiency greatly.

CNC Router Foam Cutting Machine Parameters:



Lathe body

T shape thick steel structure  (sand blast & seasoning treatment)

X Y effective working area


Max Traverse Speed


Max processing speed


Table size



0.01—0.03 mm

Spindle power rate

13.5kw HSD air cooling spindle


Taiwan Delta

X,Y structure

Rack and pinion transmission, Taiwan-made Linear Bigger orbit

Z structure

Taiwan-made TBI ball screw  

Guide Rail


Spindle rotating speed


Standard Power

AC380V, 50-60Hz, 3 phase

Cooling mode



G code,HPGL,U00,mmg,plt

Dust-collect function


Clamping mode

By clamps

Operating system

Nc studio PCI computer control system

Diameter of cutter


Working mode