Low Cost CO2 Laser CNC Engraver 6090 Machine Kit for Sale
Low Cost CO2 Laser CNC Engraver 6090 Machine Kit for Sale JMT6090
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Low Cost CO2 Laser CNC Engraver 6090 Machine Kit for Sale JMT6090
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Low Cost CO2 Laser CNC Engraver 6090 Machine Kit for Sale

Low Cost CO2 Laser CNC Engraver 6090 Machine Kit for Sale
Model: JMT6090

This Laser Cutting Machine and Engraving Machine work with CO2 glass sealed water cooling laser tube, blade working table, CW3000 water chiller, imported Linear square guide way, it is used for cutting wooden plate, acrylic sheet, paper, plastic, rubber, marks (textile marks embroidery marks) leather, wool fabric, and other no-metal materials for complex shape. This Laser Cutter is useful in many products such as air plane model, advertisement, decoration, article gifts, toys, and face guard of machine. 
The Laser CNC Machine is designed for industry application, driven by high-grade stepper motor, precision guide way drive and high-precision in positioning make the running more stable, Large area precision cutting mechanical movement system can guarantee smoothness and flatness of cut cross section. The Laser power of the Laser cutter is from 80W to 150W.

CNC Laser 9060 Application materials:
Wood, bamboo, organic glass, plastic, cloth, paper, leather, rubber, sponge, coconut shell, double color board, acrylic, marble, granite, jade, crystal, and other nonmetal, also can processing the cylinder objects, such as glass, pen container, writing brush, trophy
CNC Laser Engraver Kit Application industries:
Advertisement, garments sampling, small width tailoring, leather industry, decoration, packing and printing, model industry, craftwork and gift, etc.

CO2 Laser Engraver Features:
1. USB port transfer files support offline work, also can work with computer.
2. Newest laser work software, compatible with Coreldraw and AutoCAD.
3. Imported focus lens make engraving with higher accuracy.
4. Laser tube power from 60-150w, fulfil engraving and cutting works.
5. Optional up and down workable, convinient for thick materials and cylinder materials work.
6. Machine's front and back door can open, so longer materials are easy to put under workable.
7. Smooth edge, do not need polishing, no noise or dirt, high-speed cutting high accurate high effectiveness but for waste

CNC Laser Engraver Machine Specification:


JMT 6090

Standard Laser power


Optional Laser power


Engraving Area(mm)

600 x 900mm/23.62x35.43in.

Laser type

Reci CO2 Laser tube

Cutting depth

Acryl 0-20mm, depending on materials

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Resetting positioning accuracy


Maximum forming character

Figure/English: 1x 1mm

Power supply

220V±10% 50HZ or 110V±10% 60HZ

Software supported

ArtCut, PhotoShop (Conversion output)
CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Lasercut (Direct output)

Main Graphic format supported

PLT/DXF/BMP/AI (Direct output)

Engraver for Curve surfaces

Rotary clamp is optional and used to engrave on curse surfaces

Water Cooling


Laser tube(life hours)


Gross power


Driving system

Stepper motor

Machine size




Packing size


Recommend Consumable spares

Laser Tube, Lens and Mirror



Assistant Equipment: 

Red dot pointer
Water pump
Air pump
Exhaust fan
Motorized up and down worktable
Blade worktable

Optional Spare Parts:

Rotary clamp with roller/clips
Water chiller
Auto focus
Purifier & Filter system
Servo motor
CCD camera
Reci laser tube