cnc tool holder material selection effect on cnc machining center
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    CNC Tool Holder Material Selection Effect on CNC Machining Center

    cnc tool holder material selection effect on cnc machining center

    CNC Tool Holder Material Selection Effect on CNC Machining Center

    Anyone knows in what material are tool holders made of? And which heat treatment is done to them. Can anyone give an idea of what type of material should I be looking at for toolholders?
    A lot of clients have questions about the tool holder material when they design tool holder and a tool for a cutting process in a CNC or choose a tool holder for their CNC machines.

    We are dealing with CNC milling cutter toolholders for many years, a personal experience suddenly let me realized that if the NC toolholder material on the material selection is poor, this will lead to a low hardness. Too low hardness leads to metal weakness phenomenon when the toolholder high speed rotating. Metal weakness causes a big deviation on the toolholder, then affects the progress of the workpiece processing.
    It is worth mentioning that when the customer wants to figure out the cause, take down the tool holder for manual accuracy testing. The tool holder accuracy has returned to normal, because the manual test is low-speed rotation of the cold operation. At this moment the toolholder metal weakness has been completely healed. Sometime this result will lead customer to suspect to the machine’s quality directly!
    Also low quality tool holders can damage both machine spindles and cutting tools, as well as costly work pieces and the entire expensive manufacturing process.
    So we advise you to get the toolholder from a reliable supplier.

    To select the best material for the tool holder and for the tool, these parameters should look in the steel properties: hardness, enlongation, density, treatment, etc.
    Especially, in the machining of hard workpiece materials, the tool holder acts through the cutting tool. These tensions require that the tool holder have some specific properties. Especially in hard milling, the tool holder should have a high rigidity and should be able to dissipate the energy generated during the interrupted cut and avoid vibration during the machining.
    The cost of the toolholder material is also important since the lower costs provide a competitive advantage for the manufacturers.
    The cheapest type is high density carbon steel, the commercial tool holders will normally be 40Cr, the better type is 20CrMnTi and 20CrNiMo.

    RicoCNC supplies high quality CNC tool holder made of 20CrMnTi, carbon-nitrogen co-permeation and hardness HRC56~58°, pass G2.5 balance test.

    RicoCNC supplies metalworking toolholding BT tool holders and high speed balanced 30,000rpm ISO30 toolholders for woodworking ATC cnc routers.

    Choosing toolholders for your machining center? Welcome to contact us.

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