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TALONS CNC Grippers Multiple Models at Rico CNC


TALONS CNC Grippers Multiple Models can be chosen at Rico

TALONS is a TAIWAN Brand, which produces CNC grippers for CNC spindles.

Rico Can supply various models TALONS grippers, and a detailed catalogue for TALONS grippers: HSK grippers, ISO grippers, CO grippers, CR grippers and CB grippers.

HSK grippers: E26, A32/B40/E32, A40/B60/E40/F60, A50/B63/E60/F63, A63/B80/E63/F80, A80/B100, A100/B126, A126/B160


ISO gripper

DIN DIN 69871/69872 ISO 7388/1/1 Type A 15°

ISO10, ISO15, ISO20, ISO25


DIN DIN 69871/69872 ISO 7388/1/1 Type A

CAT ANSI B 5.50-78 ISO 7388/1/2 Type B

BT2 MAS 403-1982 BT/PT 2 (30°)

BT1 MAS 403-1982 BT/PT 1 (45°) 

CO gripper: DIN-30, CAT-30, BT30(1,2), DIN-40, CAT-40, BT40(1,2), DIN-50, CAT-50, BT-50(1,2)


CR gripper: DIN-30, CAT-30, BT-30(1,2), DIN40, CAT40, BT40(1,2), DIN-50, CAT-50, BT.50(1,2), DIN-60, BT.60(1,2)


CB gripper: DIN-30, CAT-30, BT-30(1,2), DIN-40, CAT-40, BT-40(1,2), DIN-50, CAT-50, BT-50(1,2), DIN-60


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