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How to Correctly Insert a Router Bit Into a Collet

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How to Correctly Insert a Router Bit Into a Collet

1, Firstly, check the collet and your router bit

Make sure you get the right size collet for the router bit. 

Cutter bits SHK diameter and collet clamping diameter should be accordant. 

Ensure that there is no grime or debris on the router bit shank as well.

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2, Push the collet into the locknut until it clicks into position. 

In order to successfully engage your collet with the locking ring of the nut, insert it at a slight angle.

3, Screw the nut loosely onto the spindle or tool holder cone.

4, Insert the tool into the collet. 

The tool should fill at least 80% of the collet bore but do not allow any of the cutting flute to enter the collet.

er40 collets.jpg

5, Ensure you tighten the collet to the correct torque.

6, Take care to tighten the locknut securely on the spindle but make sure you don’t over tighten it.

If you under tighten the collet there is a chance that the tool could be pulled out of the collet whilst cutting, 

especially if you are using an upward spiral flute, potentially damaging the machine bed and this will pose a health and safety risk.

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If you over tighten the collet you risk damaging the cutter and misaligning the tool which will invariably result in 

a poor-quality finished product, never mind the wasted material and time.

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