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Six Popular Applications for CNC Router Machines

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Six Popular Applications for CNC Router Machines 

A CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting device. 

It can be used for a large range of materials such as wood cutting, MDF cutting, plastics cutting, foams milling, and metals cutting. 

Compared to a manually operated router, CNC machines can cut at a considerably higher speed, 

make much smoother edge finishes and produce a series of identical products as well as one-off pieces. 

So they have an extensive range of applications.

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Here are 6 popular application of your CNC routers.

Furniture Making:  

Using CNC router machine is the best choice to produce large quantities of furniture. 

And if you want to turn your imagination into reality and make some unique furniture. 

A CNC router is perfect for the job. 

CNC router can produce a wide range of personal tailor furniture including beds, dining sets, chairs, staircase, window, modern furniture, office furniture, etc.

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Sign Making: 

A CNC router is perfect for advertising sign carving because it is versatile enough for V-bit carving, 3D carving, fluting, contour profiling, and engraving.

Cabinet Making: 

Give your kitchen a make-over with a set of crafted cabinets using your CNC router. 

This technology lends itself to the creation of shelves, side panels, dados, drawer fronts, and custom doors.

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Mould Making and Prototyping: 

Nowadays 5-axis foam mill CNC routers, big gantry router for foam milling, 6 axis robotic arm,7 axis industrial robots, 

are ideal for milling epoxy, foam and clay 3D design models. 

CNC foam cutting machine can be used to cut molds from EPS foam, polyurethane foam, EVA foam, plastic, etc. 

They are very helpful for building CNC foam molds and robot fabrication. More and more digital studio choose them.

Crafts and Art: 

The range of arts and crafts you can produce with your router is almost limitless, 

such as jewelry, mirror and picture frames, coins, Christmas decorations, and plaques.

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They are widely used architectural millwork. Because of the exquisite detail a CNC router can produce, 

you can make delicate designs for all kinds of unique architectural touches.

In the manufacturing process, different CNC cutting tools need to be used according to the job. 

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