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GU2000v AU2000 Taiwan SMARTC Rotary Joints

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GU2000v  AU2000 Taiwan SMARTC Rotary Joints

SM's GU2000v series rotary joints are high-precision rotary joints used on spindles that are fed with air, coolant and hydraulic oil and rotate at high speeds.

The GU2000v series optional joints are available in three common sizes: 




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GU2000v-S is also available as a non-standard customized version.

GU2000v is an oil-sealed separating type with a minimum low pressure (2 bar) and a minimum flow rate (8L/min) limit.


The AU2000 series of rotary joints manufactured by Taiwan SMARTC rotating unions is a high-precision rotary joint used for the passage of air, coolant and hydraulic oil on high-speed rotating spindles. 

The AU2000 series of optional joints are available in three sizes: 




AU2000 Spindle Joints.jpg

Gu2000v AU2000 High Speed Cooling Rotary Joint Product Features:

1. High quality rotary joints and 2 precision bearings are installed on a highly rigid rotating shaft to ensure vibration-free operation over a long period of time.

2. The shaft is specially heat treated to increase rigidity.

3. The fixing ring closure is made of a special material, wear resistant carbon graphite, impervious to water and dry running.

4. In particular, the size of the rotating sealing surface must be reduced to a minimum, even at high pressures.

5. Long mechanical experience with SM has resulted in a good balance of the closed face section.

6. The bronze fixing ring used in this swivel joint is intended for use at high pressures up to 200 bar. Application areas: general tooling, workstations, computer numerical control, rotary distributors, etc.

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Purchase Notes

SM spindle swivel joints from Taiwan are positioned in the high-end machine tool industry and have long been widely recognised by designers, especially in Japan, Europe and the USA, and are also the designated products of many leading machine tool manufacturers.

1. When replacing SM rotary joints, please ensure that you have measured the size of the joint threads (M10 x P1.0, M12 x P1.25-LH, M16 x P1.5-LH) so that the threads do not match and cannot be installed.

2. When purchasing SM rotary joints, please do not believe that domestic imitation products can replace and achieve the same effect of SM. (It has been proven by our customers many times that domestic imitations are prone to leakage and most of them have a service life of less than two months)

3. In order to ensure your legitimate rights and interests, please try to sign a formal purchase and sale contract with us. We do not provide quality assurance and after-sales service for SM rotary joints not purchased from us. 


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