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RIX rotary joints for CNC router machine

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RIX rotary joints for CNC router machine

Japan RIX/ROCKY Co., Ltd. was established in 1964, specializing in the research and development and production of rotary joints. It is a famous Japanese rotary joint manufacturing company.

1. For machine tool spindles (bearingless type) ES, ESX series 1. For spindle center water outlet bearingless type ESX20M-L series (long stroke 8mm)

Model: ESX20M-L012, ESX20M-L016

2. Bearingless type for spindle (type for hollow motor) ESX20M-S series, E series

Model: ESX20M-S012, ESX20M-S016, ESX20M-E012, ESX20M-E016

3. Bearingless type for spindle (type corresponding to dry air) ESX20V-L series model: ESX20V-L112Y, ESX20V-L116Y

4. Bearingless type (miniaturization) for the main shaft ES20M, ESX20M-T series

Model: ES20M-T010, ESX20M-T010

RIX couplings.jpg

Pressure ~14MPa (~20MPa, please discuss)

Number of rotations~40,000min-1

Fluid Coolant (water-based, oil-based), oil mist, dry air

Maximum stroke 8mm (optional 17mm)

RIX ES50-1600.jpg

Rix rotary joint feature

The above series of bearingless rotary joints are composed of a fixed part installed in the protective cover and a rotating part installed in the main shaft, and does not contain bearings. Since there are no built-in bearings, the rotary joints of this series have extremely low vibration and are compact in size, contributing to the miniaturization of machine tools. Since the seal material is hard, thermally conductive, and self-lubricating ceramics, high-speed rotation can be maintained even with coolant mixed with cutting chips, and a long service life can be achieved. Due to the unique seal, it is also compatible with MQL cutting (oil mist containing only a small amount of oil) and complete dry cutting (completely dry air). At the same time, it can realize high-pressure coolant, MQL (oil mist), and dry gas. The uniquely sealed structure enables long strokes. In particular, the compact long-stroke type can realize the correspondence of the combination of machining centers and lathes.

RIX rotary joint.jpg

For machine tool spindles (with built-in bearings) L, LX series

1. Built-in bearing type for main shaft LX84, LX86 series

Model: LX84M-234, LX84M-244, LX86M-234, LX86M-244

2. Type with built-in bearing for main shaft (type for dry air) LX84V, LX86V series

Model: LX84V-234, LX84V-244, LX86V-234, LX86V-244

3. Built-in bearing type for main shaft (standard type) L95M, L96V series 

Model: L95M-234, L95M-244, L96M-234, L96M-244

4. Built-in bearing type for main shaft (high-speed type, external support type) LX88V series 

Model: LX88V-9801, LX88V-10106

Rotary joint for CNC machine.jpg

Pressure ~7MPa

Number of rotations~15,000min-1

Fluid Coolant (water-based, oil-based), oil mist, dry air

The long life of the rotary joint with built-in bearing (patented) and the maintenance and exchangeability of the rotary joint with built-in bearing are realized. 

At present, due to vibration and coolant leakage, especially in the early stage of vertical use, bearing damage occurs. The LX series has a bearing holding structure and an improved drainage structure to achieve a longer life of the rotary joint. Seals cannot withstand swarf and foreign matter. The seal material is hard, thermally conductive, and self-lubricating ceramic, so it can be used safely for a long time even with coolant mixed with cutting chips. It can also rotate at high speed without coolant. In the case of no coolant, the high-speed rotating sealing part will generate heat. The LX series has a built-in sealed automatic opening and closing mechanism, which can safely rotate at high speed even if the coolant is blocked. MQL, dry gas correspondence: Can correspond to dry cutting. (Optional/Patented) The processing environment has low requirements and can be dry-cut without cutting fluid. The unique sealing shape not only enables ultra-high-speed dry running but also enables high-pressure coolant to be used at the same time.

Bearingless type ES series for ball screw shaft core cooling

Cooling oil supply and discharge mechanism formed by mechanical seal structure ES50 series models: ES50-1600, ES50-2000

Bearing built-in type for machine tool (lathe) EES, LA type 1. Bearing built-in type for lathe chuck: LA-1P series model: LA-1P01, LA-1P02

2. Bearing built-in type for lathe chuck EES-2P03

Rotary Joint.jpg

Rotary joint EES type (2-channel type) that supplies fluid to the chuck of the lathe: There are two sets of flow channels, coolant, oil mist (center drain) and dry air (air tightness test), which can be supplied at the same time. L A type (single channel type): The surrounding of the sealing part is filled with lubricating oil, and the coolant and dry air can be used alternately. Also suitable for machining center spindles.

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