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Choose the CNC cutter bits’ shape suited for your CNC routing

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Choose the CNC cutter bits’shape suited for your CNC routing

CNC routers need cutter bits. The router bits can determine the kind of carving you can do, the resolution of your finished designs, and how fast you can move through the material. They come with cutting edges that up cut or down cut (sometimes both), square or shaped ends mill and different diameters for CNC routing. Now we learn how to choose the correct bit shape for your CNC carving.

When you want to make straight cuts in plywood, you should get a good quality spiral cutting end mill. End mills come in many different diameters. You can choose an up cut spiral router bitsdown cut spiral router bits or compression router bit. Spiral router bits leave a clean edge on the top or bottom surface, depending on the direction of the cut.

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If you want 3D wood carvings or rough milling, you need to choose a ball nose end mill bitsBall nose carving bits for cnc router 3d carving is good for carving on acrylic, PVC, MDF, Hard wood and so on. 

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For the deep caving, the tapered router bit is the best choice. They are helpful mills for building cnc foam moulds and for advertising signs making, achieve depth and precision for foam carving applications. 

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And if you want to do lettering or detailed sign making, you’ll need to get a v bit. These are sometimes called v-carving bits, v-groove bits, or engraving bits. This is the only way to get a sharp grooved bottom on the inside of those roman numerals for your sundial. They are available in many sizes and angles. The most common and useful angles in order are 60deg, 90deg, and 30deg.

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There are a lot of variables to consider when looking for the best CNC router bits for you and your project. If you want to know about more information or any help about the CNC cutter bits, welcome to contact us. RicoCNC can supply a large range of CNC cutter bits for wood, plastic, foam mills, stone, aluminum, copper, iron, steel, etc. Welcome to contact us.

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