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  • RIX ESX20M-L016Y Rotary Joint for CNC Machine

RIX ESX20M-L016Y Rotary Joint for CNC Machine

  • RIX ESX20M-L016Y
  • RIX rotary joint ESX20M-L016Y
  • Rotary joint for CNC machine 
  • CNC router rotary joint
  • CNC machine tools
  • Maximum speed: 40000rpm
  • Maximum pressure: 12Mpa

rotary joint ESX20M-L016Y.jpg

RIX ESX20M-L016Y Rotary Joint for CNC Machine 

This is original Japan RIX rotary joint for CNC machine.

Model: ESX20M-L016Y

Maximum speed: 40000rpm

Maximum pressure: 12Mpa

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