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  • Leuze HT46C/4P-M12 Diffuse sensor 50127048

Leuze HT46C/4P-M12 Diffuse sensor 50127048

  • HT46C/4P-M12
  • HT46C/4P-M12 | 50127048
  • Manufactured by LEUZE
  • Leuze HT46C/4P-M12 Diffuse Sensor 
  • Diffuse sensor with background suppression
  • Dimension (W x H x L): 20.5 mm x 76.3 mm x 44 mm
  • HT46C/4P-M12 Diffuse Sensor

HT46C4P-M12 Diffuse Sensor.jpg

Leuze HT46C/4P-M12 Diffuse sensor 50127048

This is brand new and original Leuze diffuse sensor with background suppression,

Model: HT46C/4P-M12 | 50127048

Diffuse sensor with background suppression

Part no.: 50127048

Series: 46C

Operating principle: Diffuse reflection principle with background suppression

Black-white error:< 10% up to 1200 mm

Operating range, white 90%: 0.005 ... 3 m

Operating range, gray 18%: 0.02 ... 2 m

Operating range, black 6%:0.05 ... 1.5 m

Operating range limit: 0.005 ... 3 m

Adjustment range: 120 ... 3,000 mm

Supply voltage UB: 10 ... 30 V, DC, Incl. residual ripple

Residual ripple: 0 ... 15 %, From UB

Open-circuit current: 0 ... 30 mA

Number of digital switching outputs: 2 Piece(s)

Switching element: Transistor, PNP

Switching principle: Light switching

Switching element: Transistor, PNP

Switching principle: Dark switching

Switching frequency: 250 Hz

Response time: 2 ms

Type of connection: Connector

Thread size: M12

Material: Plastic

No. of pins: 4 -pin

Dimension (W x H x L): 20.5 mm x 76.3 mm x 44 mm

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