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  • FESTO MHE2-M1H-3/20-M7 Solenoid Valves 196150 Fast-switching Valves

FESTO MHE2-M1H-3/20-M7 Solenoid Valves 196150 Fast-switching Valves

  • MHE2-M1H-3/2O-M7-K
  • Manufactured by FESTO
  • MHE2M1H32OM7K
  • Solenoid Valve MHE2-M1H-3/2O-M7-K
  • FESTO MHE2-M1H-3/20-M7 196150 solenoid valve
  • FESTO Solenoid valve 196150 
  • Air solenoid valve MHE2-M1H-3/2G-M7-K

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FESTO MHE2-M1H-3/20-M7 Solenoid Valves 196150 Fast-switching Valves 

This is brand new and original FESTO MHE2-M1H-3/20-M7 solenoid valve 196150.

Model: MHE2-M1H-3/20-M7

Air solenoid valve MHE2-M1H-3/2G-M7-K

Valve function: 3/2, closed, monostable

Actuation type:  Electrical

Width: 10 mm

Standard nominal flow rate: 100 l/min

Pneumatic working port: M7

Operating voltage: 24V DC

Operating pressure: -0.09 MPa ... 0.8 MPa

Operating pressure:  -0.9 bar ... 8 bar

Structural design: Pressure-relieved poppet valve

Reset method: Mechanical spring

Degree of protection: IP55

Nominal width: 2 mm

Width dimension: 14 mm

Note on grid dimension: Minimum distance between the valves is 4 mm

Exhaust air function: With flow control option

Sealing principle: Soft

Mounting position: Any

Type of control: Direct

Flow direction Reversible with restrictions

Max. switching frequency: 130 Hz

Switching time off: 3.5 ms

On switching time: 7 ms

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