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  • Air Gap Sensor SOPA-M1-R1-HQ6-2P-M12 FESTO

Air Gap Sensor SOPA-M1-R1-HQ6-2P-M12 FESTO

  • Air Gap Sensor
  • Brand:FESTO
  • Model: SOPA-M1-R1-HQ6-2P-M12 FESTO

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Air Gap Sensor SOPA-M1-R1-HQ6-2P-M12 FESTO

Model: SOPA-M1-R1-HQ6-2P-M12 FESTO

The air gap sensor SOPA senses exactly in the μm range whether the workpiece is lying flat or resting against the work surface before clamping and whether the machining tool is exactly aligned with the spindle.

Lightweight, compact and highly precise, this pneumatic solution offers impressive integration features. SOPA includes a control module, compressed air regulation, measuring air shut-off and blow-out function as well as up to 4 measuring modules.

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