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  • IFM Electronic AL1122 IO-Link Master StandardLine AL2330

IFM Electronic AL1122 IO-Link Master StandardLine AL2330

  • IO-Link Master StandardLine 
  • AL1122 by IFM Efector 
  • AL1122 - IO-Link master with EtherNet/IP interface
  • IO-Link Master StandardLine 
  • IFM Electronic AL1122 IO-Link master with EtherNet/IP interface
  • AL1122 IFM Efector
  • IO-Link-Master
  • IFM Electronic AL1122


IFM Electronic AL1122 IO-Link Master StandardLine AL2330

Model:  AL1122 (also have AL2330)

The IO-Link Master StandardLine - AL1122 from ifm electronic with EtherNet/IP interface offers a more secure transmission of sensor information with a transmission rate of 10/100 Mbit/s by separating your automation and IT network. Up to 8 IO-Link sensors can be connected to the IO-Link Master StandardLine - AL1122. The connection is made via an M12 plug connection.



-8 IO-Link Ports Class A

-16 x DI (8 x 2)/8 x DO


-Transfer rate: 10/100 Mbit/s

AL1122 IFM Efector.jpg

Connection: Connector: M12

No. of inputs/outputs: Number of digital inputs: 16; Number of digital outputs: 8

Current consumption: 300...3900; (US) mA

oltage supply: 20...30; (via flat cable) V

Display: operation: LED, green | errors: LED, red | function: LED, yellow

Degree of protection: IP 65; IP 66; IP 67

Dimensions: 45 x 82.5 x 33 mm

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