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  • Allen-Bradley 1769-PA4 Compact I/O Module Power Supply 120/240VAC Input

Allen-Bradley 1769-PA4 Compact I/O Module Power Supply 120/240VAC Input

  • Allen-Bradley 1769-PA4
  • 1769-PA4 I/O module
  • 1769 CompactLogix Power Supply
  • I/O Power Supply
  • AC Power Supply Module
  • Allen-Bradley Power Supply
  • 1769-PA4 CompactLogix Power Supply

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Allen-Bradley 1769-PA4 Compact I/O Module Power Supply 120/240VAC Input

The Allen-Bradley 1769-PA4 is a 1769 CompactLogix Power Supply. This Power Supply has a selectable input voltage range of 85 - 265VAC or 170-265 VAC. It has a nominal input of 120V/220V AC. The module’s Current capacity of 4.0A at 5.0V and 2.8A at 24VDC.

Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Part Number/Catalog No.: 1769-PA4

Product Line: CompactLogix

Product Type: I/O Power Supply

Module Type: AC Power Supply Module

Input Power: 120 Volts AC

Input Voltage range: 85…265V AC or 170...265V AC, switch selectable

Power Supply Distance Rating: 8; 8 I/O modules can be connected on either side of the power supply for a maximum of 16 module.

Input frequency range: 47…63 Hz

Power consumption:200 VA @ 120V AC 240 VA @ 240V AC

Power dissipation: 8 W @ 60 °C (140 °F)

Series: A and B

Current capacity @ 5V DC:4.0 A

Current capacity @ 24V DC: 2.0 A

Wire Type: Copper wire withstanding 90 degrees Celsius

Inrush current, max: 25 A @ 132V AC

Solid Wire Size: 22 to 14 AWG

Fuse type: Littelfuse 02153.15MXP; Wickmann 19195-3.15A

Input Frequency: 47 to 63 Hertz

Dimensions (HxWxD), approx.:118 x 70 x 87 mm (4.65 x 2.76 x 3.43 in.) height including mounting tabs is 138 mm (5.43 in.)

Stranded Wire Size: 22 to 16 AWG

Weight: 525 g (1.16 lb)

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