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  • Omron NJ501-1300 CPU Unit NJ501 Machine Controller 16 Axes

Omron NJ501-1300 CPU Unit NJ501 Machine Controller 16 Axes

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  • Omron NJ501-1300
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Omron NJ501-1300 CPU Unit NJ501 Machine Controller 16 Axes

The NJ-Series hardware has been designed to adapt to the quickly changing demands of a machine automation controller. 

Alternate Mfr Part Number: NJ5011300

Baud Rate: 100 Mbps

Communication Port Type: USB 2.0, Type B, EtherNet/IP

Current Rating: 1.9 A

Family Name:Controller NJ Series Family

For Use With: NJ Family Series

Input Type: Analog

Series: NJ501 Series


-The Controller can be directly connected to a database. No special Unit, software, nor middleware is required.

-Special instructions (function block) in the Controller make access to the database easy.

-Various functions (Spool function and Operation Log function) are available when an error occurred.


-One Controller: Tightly integrated logic, motion, and vision without sacrificing performance

-One Software: Integrated Development Environment for logic, motion, and vision

-One Connection: Single connection point into every aspect of the machine

-Class leading industrial-grade unit with compact size

-Standard feature Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT Master ports

-Backward compatibility with existing Omron CJ type IO & units

-Unmatched CPU performance

-Advanced embedded motion

-Unique application solutions

-Logic simulation

-Motion simulation

-Reliable operation

Besides, we have more models: NJ501-1500, NJ501-1400, NJ501-1300, NJ501-5300, NJ501-1320, NJ501-1420, NJ501-1520, NJ501-1340, NJ501-4500, NJ501-4400, NJ501-4300, NJ501-4310, NJ501-4320.

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