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  • Omron CPU Unit NX102-1100 Programmable Control

Omron CPU Unit NX102-1100 Programmable Control

  • NX102-1100 OMRON
  • Omron Automation NX102-1100
  • NX-Series NX1 CPU Units
  • NX102 CPU 4 Coordinated+4 PTP Axes OPCUA
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • NX102-1100 Omron CPU Unit 
  • Omron NX102-1100 Programmable Control

NX102-1100 OMRON.jpg

Omron CPU Unit NX102-1100 Programmable Control

Model: NX102-1100

Besides, we have more models: NX102-1100, NX102-1200, NX102-1000, NX102-9000, NX102-1220, NX102-1120, NX102-1020, NX102-9020.

Type: Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Mounting Type: DIN Rail

Program Capacity: 5 MB Program, 32 MB Non-Retained

Accessories: SSSW, SSSWLT, HMC-SD291

Spare Parts: CJ1W-BAT01

Special Function: NX Local Bus

Input/Output (I/O) Capacity: 1024 Points Local (8960 with NX Coupler)

Number of Units [Max]: 32 NX Units Local (400 with NX Coupler)

Axes [Max]: 8

Flash Memory Port: Secure Digital (SD)

Communication Ports: EtherCAT and 2x EtherNet/IP Built-In

Motion Control Network: EtherCAT

Cycle Time [Min]: 1 ms

Programming Connection: Ethernet

Programming Language: Ladder, Structured Text, Function Block

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